Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Recover deleted photos from memory Card?

Have you ever deleted your important photos from memory card or from other portable devices? If so, they you can easily understand the frustration of this situation. This situation becomes a little bit more cumbersome if you do not have back-up of your photos. In this situation, a user becomes desperate and look for photo recovery tools to recover deleted photos. In this article, i will explain how to recover lost or deleted photos from formatted or corrupted memory card.

Do not panic at all when you have deleted your photos from card or formatted your card. As the recovery of each and every photos and other digital files are possible by using a card recovery software as long as you do not overwrite it by any other files.

But, choosing a right card recovery utility is quite difficult. There are numbers of card recovery tool are available on internet. You need to choose a read-only and non-destructive card recovery tool. 
I experienced the photo loss situation three months back. Then I searched card recovery tool on internet. I downloaded many ones but could found suitable only few of them.

Card Recovery Software is a card recovery utility which i used and recovered my lost photos within ten minutes.

It is a read-only and non-destructive in nature. Its scanning algorithms is written in way that it can recover lost photos from corrupted and formatted memory cards including hard drive, zip drive, CDS, DVDs, flash drive, memory sticks etc. It is developed in two variants: mac and windows.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Memory Card Recovery Utility: Recovers lost photos from memory cards

It is very tough situation to loose important photos of our life. Most of us, experience the problem of loosing of photos in life. Memory Cards which is heavily used to store digital photos are more prone to corrupt. You can not access the stored photos of memory card due to corruption of its file systems. The situation becomes a little bit easier, when you created backup files of the lost photos. But most of the time, we often forget to take back-up being a little bit lazy. So what to do, in case you have not taken back-up and the memory card has got corrupted. In this case, the use of Card Recovery Software can help you to remove the error and recover the lost photos.
A memory card may get corrupted due to following reasons:
  • Virus attack
  • low battery while capturing photos
  • pulling out of card from camera while a file is being written on it
  • pulling out of card from card reader while a file is being transferred to computer
  • switching off the camera while a file is being saved on card etc.
When a card is corrupted, the file system of the card is corrupted resulting the digital equipment like camera, camcorder and computer are unable to access the photos from the card. But, the photos are exist on the card while we do not overwrite it with other files.
A Memory Card Recovery utility scans the memory card and recovers all the lost photos from corrupted card. The recovered files can be saved at user-specified location.
Card Recovery Software is a globally recognized card recovery utility that recovers lost, missing, and formatted files from any memory card including hard disk, pen drive, zip drive, memory sticks, Cds, DVDs etc.. The third-party utility recovers almost all kinds file types, irrespective of their size. Designed for Mac OS X and Windows, the free demo version of the software allows the user to preview the files before saving it at required location. It is available in two variants: mac and windows.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to recover digital photos from Sony Alpha NEX-3

Sony Alpha NEX-3 is a 14.2 mega pixels compact digital camera. Its lens is interchangeable. It has so many other stunning features like LCD viewfinder, 3” LCD screen etc. It uses MS PRO Duo / SD / SDHC / SDXC to store digital photos and other digital files.

These cards have been proved to be secured storage device. But, on many occasion, its get corrupted. Once, it is corrupted, a user can not store any new photos in it. Moreover, they can not access the previously stored photos as well. To fight with such situation, we should have either clean back-up or photo recovery software.

If we have clean back-up then just format the card and restore the back-up in the card. However, in absense of back-up, the use of photo recovery software is must.

Suppose: You are capturing the beautiful landscaping with your Sony Alpha NEX-3. But, Suddenly, an error message pops up on camera screen and it switches off automatically. When you switch it on, an error message is shown:

The Card Requires formatting”


This error is shown when the card of the camera is corrupted. There are many reasons due to which a card is corrupted.
  • Human interruption while a file is being written/read from card
  • virus attack
  • low battery while snapping

You must follow the below steps in order to successfully recover your lost photos from card.
  • Stop using the card immediately
  • Download a Photo recovery software and install on your computer
  • insert your card in card reader, attach with your computer and try to access the information
  • if you are unable to access the information then there is no way and you must use photo recovery software to scan the card
  • it will preview the list of files that can be recovered
  • select the files you want to recover and press on Recover button
Photo Recovery Software is one of the wonderful photo recovery software and supports recovery from almost all storage device like hard disk, memory card, memory sticks, pen drive, flash drive, Cds, DVDs etc. It is available in two variants: mac and windows.