Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Memory card error" in Pentax Optio S40 camera

Pentax Optio S40 is a high definition 4 mega pixel digital camera with user friendly features that makes the camera to have high demand among the camera lovers. With sophisticated design and compact size, the camera is highly portable. The camera has a saves the photographs in the SD (Secure Digital) card or a MMC (Multi Media Card). Most of the users face a problem of corruption in these digital memory cards that leads to the inaccessibility of the data stored in them. However, inaccessibility of data can be dealt with having an updated backup of the memory card. But to have a backup of the memory card is not a habit of most of the camera users. Thus in absence of a proper backup, you can recover your data (photos) by the use of a third party memory card data recovery software.

Picture a situation wherein you have been to the birthday party of your friend, who was permanently leaving for London in the next few days. You had snapped a number of pictures from your Pentax Optio S40 digital camera on that occasion. To your utter misfortune, the camera turns off unexpectedly due to empty battery. When you switched on the camera next time to view the photographs, you received the error message that reads:

With the display of the above error message, the data saved in the memory card becomes inaccessible. The same error message pops out every time you attempt to see the view the pictures on your camera.


The error message is a result of the corruption of memory card due to abrupt shutdown of the camera.


You can resolve the problem discussed in the preceding text, you need to perform the following procedures. The procedure would format the memory card.
  • Select Format from the Set-up menu
  • Select Format by pressing the four way controller
  • Press OK to begin the formatting process
After you have formatted the memory card, you no more find the error message. But, all the data previously saved on the memory card gets deleted when you format the memory card. To recover such data from the formatted memory card, you need a third party card recovery software. Theses applications implements high ended algorithm to comprehensively recover the deleted, lost and in accessible photo from a corrupt memory card.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easy tips to recover deleted photos from corrupted memory card

Have you ever lost the single copy of precious photos of some happy moments. It is too shocking to loose photos that has special importance for you. Memory Cards are used to store digital photos. It is very small in size and can store high-definition photos and videos in bulk. So it is preferred for storing digital files.

But, We can not ignore the fact that these cards quite fragile compared to photographic prints. Often, Digital Camera users keep only a single copy of photos in order to make a room to store more files. This arises a big issue when copy is lost or damaged and cannot be read.

To avoid such a situation, one must take back-up of photos frequently. The back-up can be easily used if any situation of photo loss is faced. However, in absence of clean back-up, one must use a card recovery utility to undelete photos from corrupted or formatted memory card.

Common Reasons of loss of photos:
  1. Accidental formatting of an entire memory card that holds image files
  2. Memory card or hard drive corruption
  3. Accidental deletion of image files
  4. Interface or file transfer errors
Regardless of what is the reasons of photos loss, a card recovery software can recover deleted photos. To recover deleted photos from corrupted or formatted memory card, you must follow the below steps:
  1. Insert the card in card reader, attach with computer and try to access the photos
  2. If you are unable to access them, format the card
  3. Now, download Card Recovery Software from Internet and install on your computer
  4. Run the program and scan your card. A preview of the photos will appear. Select the photos you want to recover and click on Recover.
It is very easy to recover deleted photos from corrupted card by using card recovery software. It is a comprehensive and real-only card utility, suitable to recover deleted photos from memory cards including hard drive, falsh drive, zip drive, Cds, DVDs etc. It is available in two variants: mac and windows.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Card Recovery Software – Recover Lost Photos from Corrupted memory card

Have you ever experienced loosing of your precious photos or video from memory card? If yes, then you can understand the situation very well. It is too frustrating to loose your photos which is very important and you have been preserving them from longer.

The memory cards are used in Digital Camera, Digital Phones and Digital Camcorders to store digital photos and videos. Generally, a user stores photos, video, audios or movie clips on memory cards.

Although, Memory Cards are very secured to store digital files such as photos, pictures, audios and videos. But, we can not ignore the real fact that memory cards are more prone to be corrupted. Even a small error in these cards may arise a big issue of photos loss.

The safe part is to have different back-ups on frequent basis. But, in many cases, users do not take back-up due to lack of time or unavailability of other storage media. Just think the situation, if the memory card is corrupted then you have no options. In this situation, there is one and only one hope to use a Card Recovery Software.

Reasons of Memory Card Corruption:

A memory card is a vulnerable electronic device and gets corrupted due to various reasons. Some of the popular reasons that causes a memory card to be corrupted are as below:

1.Human intervention while a file is being written/read from card
2.Virus Infection
3.Conking of Battery while using the device like camera or camcorder
4.Switching off the camera too frequently while using.


There is no need to worry at all in this situation because our technology has become very advanced and the recovery of lost photos and other multimedia files are possible by using a Card Recovery Software.

Follow the below steps while using Card Recovery Software:

1.Insert the card in card reader, attach with computer system
2.Download the card recovery software from Internet
3.Run the program and scan the drive on which the card is mounted
4.After scanning, it shows the glimpse of the photos, audios and videos that are recoverable.
5.Select from the list and click on Recover Button for recovery.