Sunday, December 28, 2014

How to fix memory card errors and recover your data back.

Memory card error is a common cause of concern for every photographer. The fact is that memory cards are being used extensively around and they have a limited life. However, proper caring and handling of memory cards certainly minimizes the chances or corruption or damage.
Whoever uses camera may have experienced "memory Card error" a number of times. There can be number of factors responsible for corruption/damage of memory cards.

Memory cards come with varied capacity and are used for storing data depending upon the need.

Let’s take a look on various types of memory cards

Mini/Micro SD cards
MMC cards
XD-Picture cards
CF cards
Memory sticks

Reasons for memory cards errors:

Unexpected shut down while transferring images from memory card to computer
Corruption due to virus infection
Sudden removal of the memory card without proper ejection
Improper formatting of memory card
Repetitive usage of memory card when its full
Using same memory card on different cameras or other devices

Types of memory card error

»'Card not initialized'
» 'Card error'
» 'Read error' or 'Write error'
» 'No memory card'
» 'The card cannot be used'

How to resolve memory card errors.

Memory Card Locked" or "Memory Card Error"
If you get "Card Locked" error message, remove the Memory Card and check the side of the Memory Card. There is a small lock switch. You need to just move the switch from locked to unlocked position. Just Move the Switch to the Unlocked Position.

Also check the compatibility of your card to the camera. For example, the format used by SDHC card and the SD card are quite different. You can also try formatting on your camera.

Checking whether card is connected

Check that whether the card is in good working condition. A good quality branded card will certainly be a better option and the chances of corruption and error will be low. If you still get error messages regarding the card connection then probably your camera is at fault.

Formatting Your Card when camera cannot read/write

Format the card. Once formatted, all the data will be lost but the card will be in a working condition.
Formatting the card will make the card in the correct format and the data can be stored.

Put in some other device

Put your memory card in some other device and see whether the card is being recognized by PC. You can put your card in some mobile camera or different card reader to check the accesibility.

Format to Fix Memory Card Error.

Sometimes the card cannot be formatted after the “card cannot be formatted error”. In such situation, look for some memory card format software available to format your D/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards with ease.  

As a concluding note, once you format your card, you will lose your data.  Try one or all of the methods to fix or resolve your memory card errors. To recover your lost data back, try an efficient recovery software to recover lost data.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Steps to take when SanDisk micro SD card says “Card not formatted”

Last night we returned from our holiday trip. We had clicked lot of pictures and today morning while trying to transfer the photos from my SanDisk micro SD card, the drive showed empty. While putting back the SD card in the camera, the camera showed “"card not formatted - format card?" message.”
Such incidence happens, and you are stuck in the middle and think what to do? That is whether to format the card or not. And even if you make our decision to format the card, you get the message that Card cannot be formatted.
An SD card stands for Secure Digital Card. It is a small size flash memory card and is specially designed to provide high capacity storage.
When a Sandisk micro SD card throws “card not formatted error” the reason could be many. May be that no file system is installed on the card or the card has become corrupt. When someone formats the card, a new file system is installed on the card with which it is able to store new files. It is better to format the micro SD card, as if you do not format, you are unable to access the files stored on it either.

How a memory card format error can be fixed.

You can try few simple steps to get out of the situation, when you face such error message.

STEP 1: Connect the Micro SD card to another computer, through a card reader or a USB cable. If the card drive becomes accessible, then your card is all right. Otherwise your card has become corrupt.

STEP 2: IF your Micro SD card is still unrecognized then, try to install and download a Photo recovery software. Connect your micro SD card to the computer, where you have downloaded a recovery software and then start recovering your important photos.
STEP 3: After recovering your lost photos files, try to format micro SD card
Go to- My computer -> Management -> Storage -> Disk Management -> select the problem memory card and then format it here. 
STEP 4: At last step, you can again re run the recovery program to recover any data which had been missed to recover before format.
After formatting, the data is not completely erased from the SD card. One can make the use of recovery software to recover their lost files. However one important point to keep in mind is that not to store any new files on the formatted memory card as the old data could be overwritten and hence no data will be recovered.

Few Situations when SD card gets formatted.
  1. Formatting the SD card accidentally

Sometimes you accidentally press the format option. Intentionally or unintentionally, you format the SD card by chance.

  1. System prompts us to format the card

Sometimes the system prompts us to format the Sd card. “Card not formatted-format it now” option, prompts us to format the card. Even if you format or don’t format the card, the data stored in the card is inaccessible.

  1. Micro SD card corruption:

Due to improper handling, virus attack, improper shutdown, irregular power surges, micro
SD card gets corrupt resulting in format error.

  1. Format an SD card to erase

Formatting is the easiest way to erase the contents of the card. Sometimes, the format option is used intentionally to erase the content of the card.

  1. SD Card Cannot Be Formatted

Sometimes after choosing the format option, windows gives a message that : Windows cannot complete the format.
.Go to Properties Tools -> Check Now -> Tick "Automatically fixes file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors".

Perform check disk if still the SD card is not recognized. Type chkdsk H:/F (H: is the drive letter of your SD card).

Monday, September 29, 2014

Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card

With the advancement in technology, there are many photo storage devices including digital cameras being designed with dangerous delete button or features. Any mishandling could instantly delete all the pictures, thus making it necessary to perform deleted photo recovery. Such devices are often portable with many buttons and features consolidated in a single place. Though a user looks for a portable device with more memory capacity; however, it is sometimes very difficult to operate such devices. In fact, there are various other devices, each having their own set of function to store and delete photos.

Irrespective of the devices being used to store photos, such devices use a similar storage device called as a memory card. They are light, portable, spacious, and are extensively used in cameras and mobile phones for storing photos. However, the type, size, and space on a memory card might differ. Such memory cards are very useful in storing user data including photos. This caters the need of storage devices due to ever increasing consumption and creation of digital content especially images.

A memory card can be in a form of an SD card, which is majorly used in cameras or in a form of a MicroSD card, commonly used in mobile phones. In addition, there could be many different forms of a memory card like CF, Memory Stick, xD Picture Card, Smart Media, MMC card, etc. However, the technology used to save data remains same across all the memory cards. Such memory cards are often called as flash memory working as a solid state storage device. It consists of grid of columns and rows with a cell that has two transistors at each intersection thus making everything electronic instead of mechanical. This makes them lesser prone to any mechanical failure.

With the extensive use of portable digital devices and memory cards it has become very easy to maintain and manage images as compared to traditional devices. However, at the same time, it is very risky to operate such devices, as any mishandling could take away all your saved photos in a flash. There are various other reasons that that can cause loss of data from memory cards. Some of the most common reasons are mentioned below.

  • Human induced mistakes
  • Accidentally deleting or formatting the memory card
  • Any physical damage done to the memory card
  • Virus Infection
  • Trying to eject the memory card while the files are being written to the memory
  • "Disk need to be formatted" error forcing you to format the memory card
  • Trying to save data in an already full memory card
  • Corrupt memory card
  • Making multiple clicks one after another, without giving a proper time for the files to be written on to the memory
  • Abnormal ejection of the memory card
  • Improper file transfer
  • Sudden power failure

In spite of various data loss scenarios from the memory card, it is still possible to recover deleted photos from it by performing memory card recovery. While working on a PC with the memory card or the device connected, you might accidentally press the delete button. In such a case, you can get back the photos from the recycle bin. In case you have accidentally formatted your memory card or lost few photos due to memory card corruption, you can still recover such photos. When one or more pictures are deleted from the camera, the camera searches the memory card for the picture file, then marks the space as ‘usable’ by deleting the file. In majority of the cases, such space remains occupied, as the camera does not delete the picture file body and there remains a possibility to retrieve them even after deletion.

Note: While transferring pictures from the memory card to the PC either directly or indirectly; avoid any manual method like ‘cut and paste’. This is because, in case the system fails or shut down abruptly, you might lose your data. It is always recommended to use a tool to transfer the data from the device to the PC. For example, in case you are transferring photos or any other data from Samsung mobile phone, use the ‘Kies’ software. In case you are moving photos from your Nokia mobile phone to the PC, use the ‘Nokia PC Suite’ software.

This is because of the fact that while we delete a photo, its entry is deleted from the file system. However, the data remains in the memory. Such invisible or inaccessible photos can be recovered by using a professional photo recovery software. Using such software allows the user to perform recovery either by directly connecting the camera, or mobile phone to a computer or connecting SD cards from their cameras or mobile devices through a memory card reader.

Note: In case of corruption, it is recommended to remove the SD card from the camera or mobile phones immediately to avoid any chance of files getting overwritten by the device.

In order to recover deleted photos from a photo storing device like camera, you can connect the device to your system using a USB cable. In majority of the case, the camera would appear as a drive letter under ‘My Computer’. You can then use a software tool to access the photos on the memory card. However, in case your camera does not appear as a drive letter in ‘My Computer’, you can directly connect the memory card to your computer using an external USB card reader. This would allow you to access the memory card, which would appear as a drive letter in ‘My Computer’.

Note: Once you have recovered all your lost photos from the memory card, you can format the memory card to get rid of issues like virus infection in it. However, avoid using the same memory card to store recovered photos in it. The recovered photos must be saved to a safe location free from virus and any type of issues.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

MicroSd card corruption and How I found out my Savior

"The only constant thing in this world is change”

Time changes fast and with each passing time technology is evolving at equal pace. People these days use smartphones, GPS navigation, tablet computers, I pads/I pods, IPhones. Henceforth the frequency of data loss has been rising and will continue in future also.  As a solution Data Recovery software are recommended and are available online in the internet. These days MicroSD cards are being widely used in smartphones, IPhones etc.

Like hard drive of your computer, SD cards also encounter data loss. There can be various reasons for data loss from MicroSD cards, which may range from corruption or damage of the card to  accidental deletion of some image files. Whatever is the cause, the problem is you lose your stored image files. In such situations, losing hope does not solve your problem, instead searching online for some remedy to fix the problem is recommended.

How my MicroSD card photos got corrupt and how I restored my lost photos

I was on the verge of clicking as much photos as possible from my new smartphone at an event, and forgot to take back up of them. While transferring photos to the computer, although it was on my mind to eject the external drive in Windows before finally removing it from the computer, but as I was in a rush, I forgot to do that! Although I had done such mistakes before but this time I wasn’t that lucky. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Follow These Precautions to Protect Your Digital Multimedia Data files from being lost

The life of the people of this modern era revolves around their digital electronic devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital music players, etc. And this is the reason why the digital data stored on these devices becomes one of the biggest assets for them. The songs, images, photos, and videos stored on their mobile phones, digital cameras, or other such electronic gadgets are some of the precious files, which they do not want to lose. Despite the constant urge to safeguard their digital data, users many time come across data loss and most of the times, this happens because of their haphazard ways of handling these devices containing valuable data.

Therefore, if users follow certain precautions, then they can expect the security of their invaluable photos, lifetime videos and favorite audios, and thus can secure their digital lifestyle. The basic precautions that every user should consider who wants to protect his digital data are:

•It is commonly seen that users avoid the low battery indication of their digital camera and keep on clicking the photos until the camera dies. This sometimes causes photo loss from the camera as it interrupts the ongoing photo writing or reading processes that eventually can corrupt the card. Therefore it is suggested not to use your digital camera for clicking the photos when it is indicating low battery.
• People sometimes use one memory card in multiple devices like in multiple cameras or more than one mobile phone. This again can corrupt the file system of the memory card, and hence can cause data loss. It is recommended to use one memory card in one device only. However, if you want to use the memory card in more than one camera or any other device other than the one it is being used in, then format that card in the device in which it is being used.
•Improper detachment of mobile phone or digital camera from computer while a copy or transfer operation is in progress corrupts the card used in these devices. Therefore, it is said to be patient while the data is being transferred to or from these devices and to eject them properly by giving proper command only after completion of the transfer process.
• Exceeding the size limit of the memory card used in your electronic gadget can also corrupt it. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure that you do not exceed the specified limit of your digital data storage device.

Therefore, following these precautions can save you from various scenarios of photo loss and ensure you that you do not need to perform photo recovery. However, if you still come across a situation involving the loss of your digital data (be it photo, video, or audio), then use of a professional photo recovery software is recommended.

Reliable photo recovery tool not only recovers deleted photos, but can also recover audios, videos, and other multimedia files. The simple, intuitive user interface of these tools enables its users to perform a foolproof recovery of his digital files by themselves. Most of the tools are available separately for Mac and Windows users, so the users need not to worry about the Operating System used on their computer.
Apart from this, a reliable tool, like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software  of this category provides the free demo version of their software. With the demo, the user can check the features and functionality of the software and see the preview of recoverable files. However, for actual recovery of the files, the user has to purchase the license of the software

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How I Recovered Mobile Photos of My Best Friend!!

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings”.

Friendship is very precious, isn’t it?? It is because they are built with so much care. In our life, we come across so many people. Out of them, sometimes a few becomes our best of friends and few ones we do not bother to remember. Why I am telling you this because I revitalized my special bond with my friend from getting hostile recently…!!

Hey I am planning to meet one of my best friend on her wedding this coming labor day weekend. So excited!!!

Let me tell you an incident that happened just couple of weeks ago-

I went to my best friend birthday last weekend. It was a great celebration, lots of food, dancing, photography, video recordings …just a grand birthday bash!!!

Once she got busy for a while and wanted me to take pictures from her cell phone. She had hundreds of photos kept in her cellphone. Well, I loved to click snaps and I captured every single moment most exquisitely, not knowing about the frightening scene which was about to happen in our way!!! On the next day, when she tried to connect to pc……..she screamed!!!! OHHHH !! It was to my dismay as to what happened after all??  In a very gloomy tone, she said the pictures are not there. It was showing some error message “damaged or corrupted card”. I was feeling embarrassed as I had taken all the pictures for her on her request.  I wanted to help my best friend to come out of this and get back all the pictures which she treasures every time. That would be the best birthday gift I could ever give her.

I immediately started searching over the Internet for this issue and got to know that it happens when memory card used in your mobile phone gets corrupt or damaged.

The best way to overcome data loss is by using professional photo recovery software. I used one of the best photo recovery tools recommended on an expert website and restored all her photos. I thanked the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software for getting her back all the data she has lost and I was happy to return back her treasures.

From then onwards, I became very careful regarding data storage and safety. Further, I wanted to share few tips with you:-