Sunday, December 28, 2014

How to fix memory card errors and recover your data back.

Memory card error is a common cause of concern for every photographer. The fact is that memory cards are being used extensively around and they have a limited life. However, proper caring and handling of memory cards certainly minimizes the chances or corruption or damage.
Whoever uses camera may have experienced "memory Card error" a number of times. There can be number of factors responsible for corruption/damage of memory cards.

Memory cards come with varied capacity and are used for storing data depending upon the need.

Let’s take a look on various types of memory cards

Mini/Micro SD cards
MMC cards
XD-Picture cards
CF cards
Memory sticks

Reasons for memory cards errors:

Unexpected shut down while transferring images from memory card to computer
Corruption due to virus infection
Sudden removal of the memory card without proper ejection
Improper formatting of memory card
Repetitive usage of memory card when its full
Using same memory card on different cameras or other devices

Types of memory card error

»'Card not initialized'
» 'Card error'
» 'Read error' or 'Write error'
» 'No memory card'
» 'The card cannot be used'

How to resolve memory card errors.

Memory Card Locked" or "Memory Card Error"
If you get "Card Locked" error message, remove the Memory Card and check the side of the Memory Card. There is a small lock switch. You need to just move the switch from locked to unlocked position. Just Move the Switch to the Unlocked Position.

Also check the compatibility of your card to the camera. For example, the format used by SDHC card and the SD card are quite different. You can also try formatting on your camera.

Checking whether card is connected

Check that whether the card is in good working condition. A good quality branded card will certainly be a better option and the chances of corruption and error will be low. If you still get error messages regarding the card connection then probably your camera is at fault.

Formatting Your Card when camera cannot read/write

Format the card. Once formatted, all the data will be lost but the card will be in a working condition.
Formatting the card will make the card in the correct format and the data can be stored.

Put in some other device

Put your memory card in some other device and see whether the card is being recognized by PC. You can put your card in some mobile camera or different card reader to check the accesibility.

Format to Fix Memory Card Error.

Sometimes the card cannot be formatted after the “card cannot be formatted error”. In such situation, look for some memory card format software available to format your D/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards with ease.  

As a concluding note, once you format your card, you will lose your data.  Try one or all of the methods to fix or resolve your memory card errors. To recover your lost data back, try an efficient recovery software to recover lost data.