Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Keep Your Memory Card Healthy

Many Photographers treat their DSLR camera as a baby. They give their cameras a pet name; this all actually not shows love towards their cameras instead towards the photography. If you are one of them then please take few precautions to keep your photos safe as you know that photos are saved on memory card used in cameras and they are very much prone to corrupt. As the memory card become corrupt, photos become inaccessible.
* Take the backup of precious photos on timely bases even you find there is space to save new photos, because it is no where written that memory card can corrupt only when it is full , it can corrupt any time.
* Keep your memory card dust free. Use it in your camera after cleaning it with soft cloth.
* Always connect your memory card to your computer with only branded memory card reader as some local rubbish card readers can damage the chip of memory card.
* It is good to format your card every time after transferring the data to your computer. First format it in computer then reformat it in your camera before use.
Even taking care all the stuffs to keep your card healthy, you become victim of data loss, only thing you can do to get them back is to take the help of photo recovery software.
Don't get confused with the name “photo recovery software”, it not only recovers photos from memory card but also the videos and audios of almost all the format even the unknown formats.
Before choosing a photo recovery software first check the reviews about it and choose according to the other user experience.
You can consider stellar photo recovery software for data recovery from camera. Lots of positive reviews are published about it by experts.
It is true photo audio and video recovery is easy with this software in simple three steps SCAN PREVIEW and RECOVER.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Benefits of Using Micro SD Card in Cell Phones

In this era of technology, you cannot guess the capacity of a data storage device with its size and the biggest examples of this is micros SD card. A micro SD card is a smallest type of memory card that uses Secure Digital standard for storing data. Most of the multi-featured cell phones and smart phones have slot for micro SD card to expand their storage space, maintain backup of their data, and for easy transferring of files. Let us discuss benefits of using micro SD card in cell phones:

  • For expanding the data storage capacity of your multi-featured phone: Most of the featured cell phones have digital cameras, MP3 players, video recorders, etc, but none of them have sufficient internal memory to hold all this stuff like photos, videos, etc within. However, they provide micro SD slot to expand their memory. By using a high capacity micro SD card in your phone, you can store large number of photos clicked, videos captured, music files to be played back, and many other kinds of media files.
  • For keeping the backup of your cell phone data: Having photos, videos, and other multi media files on the micro SD card, you always have a backup of your precious data that you have taken with your phone. For example if your cell phone experiences any level of corruption, damage or error, then your precious data files are safely stored at a location other than your phone. If still you loose photos from SD card lots of photo recovery tools are available.
  • For data transfer: Another prominent use of micro SD card is using it as data transfer device because a micro SD card is transportable between electronic devices. You can transfer data from your system to your phone by attaching the card with external card reader and vice versa.
  • Data uploading device: Many mobile phones support different types of videos and music files as well as feature to set a customize wall paper or screen saver. However, you have to purchase these contents from the Internet. But, having micro SD card on your phone, you can easily transfer all these stuffs from your PC to your phone and use them in your phone.

In this way above mentioned are the features of a micro SD card that make them a must to have device in cell phones.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to recover deleted photos from Canon EOS Rebel T3i

The Canon EOS rebel T3i is a powerful camera that delivers excellent image and video quality. It captures and stores the photos in raw and jpeg format. Canon has launched EOS rebel T3i on 7th February 2011.I am also using this camera and I found it completely an amazing package of quality and style.
New features introduced by canon:
  • 18 megapixel APSC-C CMOS sensor
  • Full HD movie recording with manual control
  • Integrated wireless flash control
  • 3.0” LCD with 1.040k dots
  • Digital zoom in movie mode(3x-10x)
As these improved features of Canon EOS Rebel T3i makes it more reliable. The cost of Canon EOS Rebel T3i is $699. I had used it on many occasions like on my parent’s marriage anniversary, cousin’s birthday, family and friend’s tour and in every weeding. I had almost 8 GB of photos collection with me which is very precious to me. But problems can arise any time without even giving any warnings that something happened with me as well. One day when I was transferring photos from camera to my PC suddenly there was a electricity trip in house and after that when I detached Canon EOS Rebel T3i from PC I found that it was empty, after few seconds electricity came back and I checked my PC for those photos but I was shocked to see that only few photos were transferred.

I searched on internet about my problem and I found few similar problems rose by different users there only I found a solution to recover lost photos from Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software helped me to recover my lost photos from Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I really appreciate the Stellar Company for developing such powerful photo recovery software.

This software not only recovers lost/deleted photos from digital camera but also recover photos, audio, video from any external storage media.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to fix Flash Card errors

Flash card is a data storage device which is used to store digital information. It is non -volatile in nature and can be used with many electronic devices such as mobile phones, camera, mp3, players, video players, gaming consoles, etc.
While using your flash memory card you may get some error. Error messages are different to each other and depends up the type of logical error occurred in your flash card.

Few common error messages are:
Read error / Write error
Memory card error
No memory card
Card not initialized
Card error
The card cannot be used

To fix the above errors follow these steps:
Take out our memory card from your device and try to use it in another device after wiping it with soft cloth or cotton.
If are still getting same or some other error message then connect your memory card to your computer through card reader. If you can’t see your data stored in card, you need to check your cards for errors.
Use the disk repair tools for it that is in built function of operating system.
eg- Chkdsk utility in windows or Disk utility in Mac OS.

If above option doesn’t solve your issue, you need to format your card through your computer (don't format your card through your device) and need to take the help of some data recovery software to get your photos, video files and audio files. One such software is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software. It is true value for money product.

It doesn't matter what kind of memory card error you are facing, stellar data recovery software can recover your data safely.

Steps to use stellar card recovery software:
Download stellar card recovery software from the Internet.
Scan your card with recovery tools.
There is a wizard style interface to shows all recovery process.
Once it scans you can see preview of all scanned photos and multimedia file.
Now you can select files and press recovery button for recovery.
This software shows an idea to bring a new solution in this digital era.

Few Tips to Ward off Memory card Disasters

When the flash memory of camera becomes corrupt, its performance gets down. If your memory card is unreadable, it is almost impossible to access the clicked photos or recorded videos on it. Understanding of how memory cards become corrupt will help you somehow to save from memory card disasters.

Previous Researches have shown that in most of the cases the main reason behind the data corruption on memory card is due to our own mistakes.

Few tips to avoid data corruption on memory cards:

Low batteries of camera:
If your camera battery is too low and you still continue taking the pictures, memory card can become corrupt. It is also important to avoid bad batteries as if you are transferring pictures or videos from camera to your computer and your batteries die during that process, your flash memory card could show “error in reading” message.

Storage capacity issue:
Your memory card can show that you can store 500 images but it depends upon size and resolution of images. It has seen that the flash memory card with no space may overwrite its headers. It doesn't matter that your 100 MB memory card is full or 2TB memory card is full. So keep transferring the data from your flash memory card to some other storage device to keep your data safe.

Formatting of memory cards:
It is important that formatting of memory card should be done to the camera only not in computers to get optimum performance. If you are using your memory card from one camera to another, formatting of card should be done to the new camera.

By following the above you can ward off the big memory card disasters.

Even after trying your best to save your memory card from corrupting, you could not get success, don't worry. Now days it is still possible to get your data back from corrupted memory card.
Lots of data recovery software is available online. With the help of them you can recover data from any type of corrupted flash memory card.

If you are looking for a good data recovery software you can consider Stellar Phoenix card recovery software as the best. It is user friendly and can recover photos, videos and audio files of all extensions.

Steps to use Stellar Phoenix SD card Recovery software:

1. Download and install a Sd card recovery software.
2. Run the software and start scanning the affected media.
3. The software will find the deleted files and shows you a list of those file.
4. Select the files you want to recover from it.
5. Save it on some location other than affected drive.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to recover deleted or lost images from Panasonic Lumix GH3

Panasonic GH2 which was released 18 months back which really impressed us with its features. It’s capability of capturing a high level still images and video footage. Now this time Panasonic arrived with its new version that is GH3, which is the successor of GH2.
Panasonic launched its early sample of GH3 in Photokina 2012; people were very excited to see this sample of GH3.
Panasonic had done a lot of research and consulted around 100 Panasonic GH2 users, including professional photographers, film makers, broadcasters and post production, to listen what they would like to see in GH2 replacement.
Panasonic says that they had achieved 75-80% required changes with the launch of GH3.
Now, it’s time for us to wait and see when GH3 will come in the market for users. After consulting with many users of GH2 I found it had few common problems which were related to photo loss from camera and they were really tensed because of the photo loss.
This is why I am explaining the method through which you can recover your lost photos from Panasonic GH3.
Steps to Recover photos from GH3
  •  Download the software from
  • Run the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software, there are three tabs namely 'Data Recovery', 'Resume Recovery', and 'Create Image'.
  • Click on start scan
  • A new window appears showing all the media (card) you have attached, select the media from which you want to recover. Here you will see two options namely 'Load Image' or 'Advanced Scan'.
  • In the 'Advanced Scan' feature, you have two choices:
  • File List - This feature allows you to perform selective recovery of files based on their extensions. Check mark specific file types from the list.
  • Select Range - This feature facilitates selecting a specific region of the storage media for recovery. Specify the sector range using the pointers.
  • After selecting your choice now start scanning.
  • After scanning is complete, all the recovered files are listed .Click any file to see the preview.
  • Select the files, choose the destination, and click 'Recover' button to save.
These steps will help you to recover your lost photos successfully from digital media.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Expended Capacity of Flash Memory Devices – Click, Save and Sleep

DHC memory card stands for secure digital high capacity memory card. SDHC memory card is a flash memory device with data storage capacity of maximum 32 GB. If you need more data storage capacity you should go for SDXC(extended memory ). SDXC memory card maximum capacity is 2TB. According to SD association you could store 100 HD movies, 60 hours of HD recording, or 17,000 high resolution photos on a SDXC card.

As the storage capacity of flash memory devices is expending year by year , the risk of data loss is also rising. People have stopped taking the backup of the files and they keep all the data in flash memory devices.

Suppose your 2 TB SDXC card does not have any space and you replace it with a new flash memory card. After few months when you insert your old fully filled memory card into your
camera to delete few pictures from it, it shows error message “memory card locked” or “Memory card corrupted”. It means that you are going to loose your 17,000 memorable photos and uncountable memories that attached with that photos. You can't imagine your condition in that situation any more.

Now days you don't need to worry about it. You should be thankful to technology to make you life easier on every step, it doesn't matter you are in trouble because of our mistakes or bad luck.
There are lots of memory card recovery software available online as well as in market.

We should consider few parameters while choosing any memory card recovery software :

1.First check which type of memory card you have as there are lots of memory card like SD, MicroSD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, XD, CF cards, IBM Micro Drives, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick DUO, Memory Stick PRO DUO, Flash Cards and Sony Memory Stick, etc. Then check the memory card recovery software that you are going to consider,will work with your memory card or not.

2.Consider the card recovery software according to your operating system as different data recovery software supports different operating system.

3.It is most important factor to check that which kind of files you want to recover, it is fine you know that you want to recover images, videos or audio files. But there are 100s of file extensions in these categories like for images JPG, JPEG, JP2, BMP, GIF, TIF, INDD, MOS, PSP, PSD, PCT, etc. For videos WMV, ASF, MOV, 3GP, MPEG, etc. For audio wav, mp3, RM, RA, etc. For camera formats NEF,CR2,ORF, etc.

4.Is the software you are purchasing is user friendly? To check this first always go with trial version then purchase if you see some fruitful results.

5.Check what customer service support, company is providing after selling product to you .

6.The software you are purchasing is with single user license of multi user license.

7.Last thing is the cost of the software that you must need to compare with other data recovery software available online.

I tried Stellar Phoenix card recovery software when i need to recover 700GB data from my sand disk HDXC flash card . It worked well for me .

Few simple steps to recover data from Stellar Phoenix card recovery software

1.Take out the card from the device and check error on it.

2.If it has any problem in card then inserts this card in a card reader and attach with a computer.

3.Download Stellar Phoenix card recovery software from the link

4.Run the program and specify the path of drive on which card is mounted .

5.Scan all your files like audio, video, photos.

6.Select all your files by “select option” and recover it with the help of “recovery option” in this software.

Important: if your memory card is showing any type of error, never format the Memory card. If you reformat it no software can recover the data from it and you will loose your data forever.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recover Music Files from Storage Media Device

Every person on this planet of any age group listen music. Some of them treat music as healing medicine to reduce tension and frustration of their daily life. Some others have music as their profession. DJs, Singers, composers, music lovers these all have music collections stored on their storage devices it can be pen drive, memory card, flash drive, hard drive etc.

Professional musicians have a huge size of collection of music files with them. They had their full life collection of different music in there storage device.  Some of the collections are so rare that cost is very much high so I want to say finally that it’s very much risky for the music collectors to lost their collection.
Now, I would like to tell about precautions and solution so that you can recover your music files very easily from any storage media device.  

  • Use storage media device very gently.
  • Remove storage media device in proper way without pulling it directly from PC or laptop.
  • Always use your storage media with virus free PC or laptop.
  •  Only after switching ON your PC or laptop attach storage device to it.
  • Always buy branded storage media devices.
  • Take the backup of all your music files data in other media device as well.

How to recover when lost Files:
There is a probability that after following all above precautions music files can be lost. What if you have lost your precious music collection?
Do not use your storage media device or rewrite anything on the storage device from which you had lost your music files.
First of all try to use that storage device in any other PC or Laptop that might show your data which is not visible in your PC or laptop.

Second, you can use any recovery software. There are many recovery software in the market; one of the best recovery software is stellar memory card recovery software. It’s not only for memory card recovery but also recovers lost audio and video files from any storage media device.

It has some advance recovery features like you can recover your music files by selecting any particular file format. This feature reduces the time of recovery and you will get all your music files of selected type recovered.

If you are really a music lover and loves your music collection than this stellar recovery tool will be the best option for recovery in future.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fixing Memory card Errors and recovering your lost photos

Now a day’s memory card is used in every digital device like in mobiles, digital cameras, I pod and other small electronic devices for storing data. Memory cards technology was launched in 1990s. PC cards were first commercial memory card which was introduced in market. It is nonvolatile that is when removed from the device it will not lose any data stored in it.                        
Whenever we go to purchase memory card mostly all of us consider its price, capacity and its compatibility. Some devices support only specific type of memory card and memory. So it’s necessary to know information about your device and the type of memory card supported by your device.
Today it’s very easy to buy memory card for any device you just need to search on internet and order any type of memory card which your device supports. It’s better to buy only original and branded memory cards otherwise local memory card not only slow down your device performance but also can cause data loss from memory card.

Error’s which we can face while using any memory card:
>> No memory card
>> The card cannot be used
>> Read error or Write error
>> Card not initialized
>> Card error
>> Memory card error

We can face any of the above errors than it’s impossible for us to access data stored in memory card. It’s better to recover your all data before experimenting anything to fix your card. Before that do not rewrite any data to memory card otherwise you will lose data permanently. For recovery from memory card - Stellar memory card recovery software can be used. After recovering all your data from memory card, fixing can be done.

If card is not recognized by your computer than you have to check the card for the problems. You can check media errors in memory card using disk repair utilities, like CHKDSK in Microsoft windows. If this doesn’t work than no need to worry, you had already recovered your data now you can click on format it and format the memory card.

For further details about Stellar Memory Card Recovery Software go to:

Monday, June 25, 2012

How to restore lost/deleted photos from Canon EOS-1D C DLSR Camera

Canon always fulfill its promises to the customers as done with the launch of 4k capable DLSR. Canon announced EOS-1D C in London, UK on 12th April, 2012. This can capture an image of 4k (4096 x 2160 pixels). It can capture video at up to 24p without downscaling, from its 18MP full frame sensor. The camera EOS-1D C will cost approx. 10,000 euro.

The camera has been developed to fulfil the requirements of Hollywood and television broadcasters.
There is an ultra-fast continuous shooting mode that can capture image at 14 fps by keeping the mirror raised during the shooting.
In many respects the EOS-1D C is very similar with 1DX, but the canon worked on the internal circuits to avoid the overheating during the required data rate for video recording.

Key Features are:

  • 1080p at 50/60fps
  • 4k movies capable
  • 18 MP CMOS
  • up to 12fps stills; 14fps mode
  • 61 point AF system
  • EF lens compatible
  • ISO range 100-25600

We can get this camera in the market most probably in October month, now the countdown begins for us to get ready to experience the new features of EOS-1D C DLSR.
Now I would like to talk about the general problem which we face with any of the camera so this time we can be aware very early about the problem which we can face after buying the EOS-1D C DLSR.
I am talking about the problem of losing your photos from camera anyway. There can be many reasons of losing photos from EOS-1D C camera.

  • Accidentally pressing the deletion button of EOS-1D C camera.
  • Formatting the EOS-1D C camera memory card by mistake.
  • Due to improper detaching of memory card from the camera.
  • Corruption of EOS-1D C memory card after using it in virus infected PC or Laptop.
  • Physical damage to the camera that can cause deletion of all the photos from camera or memory card.


Be alert and up to date about any of the problem which is mentioned above. After encountering any of the above problems the only effective option we have is to use Photo Recovery software. You can find much photo recovery software on internet, use any of the one but always remember to choose the software which can show you the preview of your lost photos without spending money on that software.

Friday, June 15, 2012

How To Recover lost photos from Canon EOS 40D Camera

The EOS 40D is the sixth digital SLR, canon launched this series back in year 2000 with EOS 30D. Canon introduces EOS 40D with the advancement in the technology over EOS 30D which was launched in 2006. Comparing EOS 40D with its previous version EOS 30D the new add-ons we got with EOS 40D are:

  • It is weather proof with battery door and storage compartment
  • 10.1 mega pixels
  • High speed vibration of filter for dust reduction
  • 3.0” TFT LCD
  • LCD live view, including mirror drop AF
  • DIGIC III processor

History of Canon EOS series

Canon EOS 40D is a camera with outstanding performance in the field. This camera has lifelong performance but you need to take few precautions so that you’re EOS 40D will work properly without any problem.

  1. Always detach your SDHC card from EOS 40D after switching off the camera properly.
  2. Never use or even try to attach your SDHC card or camera with any infected PC or laptop.
  3. If your SDHC card is not working in EOS 40D then eject your card and examine the connectors for debris. Clean the SDHC card with a cotton cloth.

Sometimes you can get an error “Format the drive” when you are using your camera attached with your PC. This type of error is really hard to cure and if you click on that message then you will lose your data which is stored in your SDHC card of your camera.

The only option that we got is to use recovery software for recovering your data. There are different types of recovery softwares present in the market according to the need. For recovering data from camera we need to use photo recovery software which will recover all your photos, videos, audio from SDHC card of EOS 40D.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How To Recover Deleted Photos from Nikon 1 V1

Nikon has created an entirely new system based relatively small sensor camera which took a lot of people by surprise. The Nikon 1 V1 is aimed at more advanced users. The V1 outstanding features are auto focus and continuous shooting abilities. Nikon V1 has hybrid AF system that includes both phase and contrast detection methods, which allows them to track the fast moving subjects in the same way as SLR can do.

Nikon V1 specification highlights

  • 10MP CMOS sensor with 2.7x focal length multiplier
  • Hybrid AF system
  • 1080/60i video
  • 1.4 dot LCD electronic view finder
  • Higher capacity battery same as found on D7000

Nikon V1 is absolutely perfect for the beginners planning to buy a camera with high image quality experience and easy in handling. Beginners are always eager to learn new things this eagerness can be harmful sometimes. Now i will explain you how it can be harmful, few days back one of my friend brought new Nikon 1 V1 and on the same day he clicked around 100 pictures from V1. He was really impressed and excited by the image quality of the camera. In that excitement he suddenly pressed any button and accidentally he lost all his photos from camera.

After this incident happened he gave me a call and told me everything, he was bit disappointed about the photo loss as those are his first photos which he clicked with his new camera.

I can say he was very lucky as i had gone through this situation already in past so i was aware about the solution. I relaxed him and told him that he can recover his lost photos. After listening these words from me he felt so relaxed and came to my house within 15 minutes with his Nikon 1 V1.

I installed stellar photo recovery software in my PC which i had used before also when i faced photo loss problem.

We attached his V1 camera with my PC through a data cable and run the software selecting the icon of his camera for recovery. After few minutes we got the preview of his lost photos, this was the time he just shouted.

Wow! These are my photos!

Then we recovered all his photos from Nikon 1 v1 by stellar phoenix photo recovery software.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How and Why We Need Memory Card Recovery Software

Memory card is essential for every single person who is using camera, Mobile phone, i Pod etc. These are only few popular devices in which memory card is used. But the reality is that every second person is using memory card in his / her devices. If we talk about the sales market of memory card that will be beyond our limits. As our technology advancing we are getting memory cards with more storage capacity and compact size. There are different memory cards with different sizes are available in the market.
We have many varieties of memory cards in the market and we can buy any of them according to our need.

It can be SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, Micro SD card and Micro SDHC card. Normally the memory sizes of these cards starts from 1 GB to 32 GB.
If it is a fact that we all are dependent on these cards for storage purpose, then we should be aware of data loss from these memory cards. Using any new technology gives us more relief but at the same time it can also lead us in big trouble. Now let’s talk about what are problems we can face with memory card due to which we can loss our stored data.

  • Computer viruses and corruption or worm infection
  • Damage due to power failure or surge
  • Wrongly delete data from memory card
  • Accidentally format the memory card
  • Unexpected system shutdown suddenly

You can find many solutions on Internet regarding recovery but are they really genuine?
If you are smart then don't waste your time and money than it’s very simple, just go for photo recovery software of Stellar Phoenix. It’s not only my opinion but you can see how satisfied you will be after using this software.

How to use memory card recovery software:

  • Go to search option and search for stellar phoenix photo recovery software.
  • Now download the free demo version of windows or Mac from website to your PC or laptop.
  • Open the software and attach your storage device with PC or laptop.
  • Now select your storage device from software and press scan button.
  • Now you can see your lost photos, video, audio in preview option given in software.
  • Put the activation key in software and press recover button, now your photos will be recovered.
  • Save your data in your PC or Laptop.

For further details visit official website:

Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Recover and Restore Deleted AVI Files from Disk or Memory Cards

Video files are saved in various formats; avi is one of the important formats. Full form of AVI is Audio Video Interface, Microsoft was developed this video format in 1992. It is very oldest video formats and the files can be stored with the extension of ".avi". Now it is well known format and supports all OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac etc. Almost all web browser supports AVI video format. These avi files are stored in hard drive, SD cards, Pen drives, memory cards, I-pod, mobile phones, MP3 players, external hard disk drives etc.
Causes of AVI Files Loss:
AVI files may be deleted or lost due to various reasons; some of them are given below:
  • Accidental deletion of avi files.
  • Virus attack can make AVI files corrupted.
  • Through unintentional formatting avi file may become corrupted or deleted
  • Reformatting or repartitioning may be one of the reason behind lost avi files
  • Intentional deletion can make lost the avi files
  • Due to move or cut operations, avi files becomes corrupted or lost.
  • Due to interrupted read / write operations,
  • abrupt system shutdown may cause for corrupted or deleted avi files
  • Any reason if storage device is formatted or damaged than no one can access avi videos.
  • Due to Software and hardware error avi file can damaged
  • If we are tried to play avi video with corrupted media player, it can make inaccessible video.
  • Due to power failure like problems avi video files can also lost
Since the lost AVI files might be useful for anyone needs, so they are eager to recover avi files strongly. This moment, our high efficient avi recovery software can solve the problem very easy and efficient manner.

Operate AVI Recovery

You will have little chance to recover your lost or formatted AVI files, if the disk or memory card where the lost AVI files were stored has been overwritten. So it is very necessary to avoid data overwriting. For recovering your lost avi files from drives or memory cards, you can use avi recovery software to recover your lost files in very easy and efficient manner. Below are the steps by using you can recover your deleted AVI file:

1.  Download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery application first, doesn’t need to think, it's totally free for downloading. After that, install this software on your PC or Laptop.
  2.  Run the software and select your disk or you memory card where your lost AVI files were stored to scan.
Then this software will scan your drive deeply and completely to seek the lost AVI files.
  3.  After scanning is completed, click the "Recover" button, then you will be asked for where you want to store the files.
DO NOT save the recovered flies to the same path where your lost AVI files were stored.
After following above steps, you will get back your lost AVI files again.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recover deleted photo from Sony Alpha A77

Sony α A77 is a digital SLR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera which is introduced by Sony in 5 June 2006. Sony has a brand name in camera market. Sony alpha A77 able to capture flawlessly fast actions 12 frames per second with a 24.3-mega pixel resolution with uninterrupted automated focus. It’s easier to capture professional-grade photos that come with unimaginable clarity and details. Sony alpha A77 has very fast frame rate, fully 60p HD video, phase detect auto focus. It has high-resolution sensor with excellent optics.

Key features of Sony alpha -A77:

  • Sensor of 24MP CMOS
  • Dust shake sensor cleaning
  • AF Micro Adjustable
  • External mike socket and Stereo microphone
  • LCD top panel
  • GPS in Built
  • In build red autofocus illuminator
  • Adjustable upper and lower limits of Auto ISO
  • ISO 100 - 16,000
  • Autofocused 12 frame per second continuous shooting
  • Autofocused 1080p60 movies
  • 2.4M dot OLED viewfinder
  • Maximum 1/8000th shutter speed
  • Shutter rated for 150,000 actuations

Sony alpha -A77 camera also includes a combination SDHC / Memory Stick slot on the right side for storage photos or images. There are so many causes by which your photos or images are deleted or corrupted. There is no time for worry, you are able to recover your lost or deleted photos from SDHC card as long as you don’t take any other photo with your camera or don’t make any changes on your SDHC card after you deleted them. Then First and most questions come in your mind that how to find the procedure of recovering photos from Sony alpha -A77 camera. Just don’t hassle, feel free, just go through below easy steps to learn how it works:
Step One: Prepare
Insert SDHC card into card reader and put the card reader into PC or Laptop.
Step Two: Download stellar phoenix photo recovery software for Sony alpha -A77 it will be able to work on so many format of images like bmp, tiff, jpeg, png etc.

Step Three: Select drive
Now run the software on your system. After that, select the drive where you want to recover your photo.
Step Four: Scan
Now click on scan process, after some time you can see all your deleted photos and images in preview section.

Step Five: Recover
A list of recoverable files will appear. Tick the button in front of the file’s name to choose the ones you need to recover. 
Then click recover.Step Six: Save
After recovering files, you specify your desired location. After that you click on OK.
To follow above five steps you can recover all your photos very easily.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Recover Photos from Mac

Mac operating system spreading its popularity over the world. People are now switching from windows to mac. Mac offers much better security than windows which is one of the strong advantages of mac over windows. Windows program can be run in mac system after installing windows on mac. Mac computers life time is more than windows computers.
Unlike other operating systems, mac operating system is less prone to errors. But we cannot control or stop the data loss. There are so many things by which it can be due to:

  1. Accidental deletion or formatting of data from hard drive.
  2. Due to abnormal system shutdown.
  3. Virus attacked from Internet.
  4. Physical damage to hard disk.

If you are facing any of the above problems then you require mac photo recovery software. Stellar phoenix photo recovery can recover your lost photos from mac system. It supports different formats:

All major photo formats:

Popular camera brands:
Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Pentax, Canon, Olympus, Minolta, Kodak, Mamiya, Panasonic, Epson and Fuji

Supports Digital Media :
Memory Cards, CDs, Flash Cards, Digital Cameras, any Mac operating system based hard drives, Mini Disks, USB Storage Devices, Zip Disks and DVDs

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is very easy to use and efficient in recovery as compared to any other photo recovery software. You have to follow few steps and you can recover your lost photos.

1. Search for stellar phoenix photo recovery software on Internet and download the free version on your PC or laptop.
2. Open stellar phoenix photo recovery.
3. Select media from where you want to recover and click start scan.
4. Preview all lost photos.
5. Now select the location where the recovered files should be saved then click OK.