Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Recover and Restore Deleted AVI Files from Disk or Memory Cards

Video files are saved in various formats; avi is one of the important formats. Full form of AVI is Audio Video Interface, Microsoft was developed this video format in 1992. It is very oldest video formats and the files can be stored with the extension of ".avi". Now it is well known format and supports all OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac etc. Almost all web browser supports AVI video format. These avi files are stored in hard drive, SD cards, Pen drives, memory cards, I-pod, mobile phones, MP3 players, external hard disk drives etc.
Causes of AVI Files Loss:
AVI files may be deleted or lost due to various reasons; some of them are given below:
  • Accidental deletion of avi files.
  • Virus attack can make AVI files corrupted.
  • Through unintentional formatting avi file may become corrupted or deleted
  • Reformatting or repartitioning may be one of the reason behind lost avi files
  • Intentional deletion can make lost the avi files
  • Due to move or cut operations, avi files becomes corrupted or lost.
  • Due to interrupted read / write operations,
  • abrupt system shutdown may cause for corrupted or deleted avi files
  • Any reason if storage device is formatted or damaged than no one can access avi videos.
  • Due to Software and hardware error avi file can damaged
  • If we are tried to play avi video with corrupted media player, it can make inaccessible video.
  • Due to power failure like problems avi video files can also lost
Since the lost AVI files might be useful for anyone needs, so they are eager to recover avi files strongly. This moment, our high efficient avi recovery software can solve the problem very easy and efficient manner.

Operate AVI Recovery

You will have little chance to recover your lost or formatted AVI files, if the disk or memory card where the lost AVI files were stored has been overwritten. So it is very necessary to avoid data overwriting. For recovering your lost avi files from drives or memory cards, you can use avi recovery software to recover your lost files in very easy and efficient manner. Below are the steps by using you can recover your deleted AVI file:

1.  Download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery application first, doesn’t need to think, it's totally free for downloading. After that, install this software on your PC or Laptop.
  2.  Run the software and select your disk or you memory card where your lost AVI files were stored to scan.
Then this software will scan your drive deeply and completely to seek the lost AVI files.
  3.  After scanning is completed, click the "Recover" button, then you will be asked for where you want to store the files.
DO NOT save the recovered flies to the same path where your lost AVI files were stored.
After following above steps, you will get back your lost AVI files again.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recover deleted photo from Sony Alpha A77

Sony α A77 is a digital SLR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera which is introduced by Sony in 5 June 2006. Sony has a brand name in camera market. Sony alpha A77 able to capture flawlessly fast actions 12 frames per second with a 24.3-mega pixel resolution with uninterrupted automated focus. It’s easier to capture professional-grade photos that come with unimaginable clarity and details. Sony alpha A77 has very fast frame rate, fully 60p HD video, phase detect auto focus. It has high-resolution sensor with excellent optics.

Key features of Sony alpha -A77:

  • Sensor of 24MP CMOS
  • Dust shake sensor cleaning
  • AF Micro Adjustable
  • External mike socket and Stereo microphone
  • LCD top panel
  • GPS in Built
  • In build red autofocus illuminator
  • Adjustable upper and lower limits of Auto ISO
  • ISO 100 - 16,000
  • Autofocused 12 frame per second continuous shooting
  • Autofocused 1080p60 movies
  • 2.4M dot OLED viewfinder
  • Maximum 1/8000th shutter speed
  • Shutter rated for 150,000 actuations

Sony alpha -A77 camera also includes a combination SDHC / Memory Stick slot on the right side for storage photos or images. There are so many causes by which your photos or images are deleted or corrupted. There is no time for worry, you are able to recover your lost or deleted photos from SDHC card as long as you don’t take any other photo with your camera or don’t make any changes on your SDHC card after you deleted them. Then First and most questions come in your mind that how to find the procedure of recovering photos from Sony alpha -A77 camera. Just don’t hassle, feel free, just go through below easy steps to learn how it works:
Step One: Prepare
Insert SDHC card into card reader and put the card reader into PC or Laptop.
Step Two: Download stellar phoenix photo recovery software for Sony alpha -A77 it will be able to work on so many format of images like bmp, tiff, jpeg, png etc.

Step Three: Select drive
Now run the software on your system. After that, select the drive where you want to recover your photo.
Step Four: Scan
Now click on scan process, after some time you can see all your deleted photos and images in preview section.

Step Five: Recover
A list of recoverable files will appear. Tick the button in front of the file’s name to choose the ones you need to recover. 
Then click recover.Step Six: Save
After recovering files, you specify your desired location. After that you click on OK.
To follow above five steps you can recover all your photos very easily.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Recover Photos from Mac

Mac operating system spreading its popularity over the world. People are now switching from windows to mac. Mac offers much better security than windows which is one of the strong advantages of mac over windows. Windows program can be run in mac system after installing windows on mac. Mac computers life time is more than windows computers.
Unlike other operating systems, mac operating system is less prone to errors. But we cannot control or stop the data loss. There are so many things by which it can be due to:

  1. Accidental deletion or formatting of data from hard drive.
  2. Due to abnormal system shutdown.
  3. Virus attacked from Internet.
  4. Physical damage to hard disk.

If you are facing any of the above problems then you require mac photo recovery software. Stellar phoenix photo recovery can recover your lost photos from mac system. It supports different formats:

All major photo formats:

Popular camera brands:
Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Pentax, Canon, Olympus, Minolta, Kodak, Mamiya, Panasonic, Epson and Fuji

Supports Digital Media :
Memory Cards, CDs, Flash Cards, Digital Cameras, any Mac operating system based hard drives, Mini Disks, USB Storage Devices, Zip Disks and DVDs

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is very easy to use and efficient in recovery as compared to any other photo recovery software. You have to follow few steps and you can recover your lost photos.

1. Search for stellar phoenix photo recovery software on Internet and download the free version on your PC or laptop.
2. Open stellar phoenix photo recovery.
3. Select media from where you want to recover and click start scan.
4. Preview all lost photos.
5. Now select the location where the recovered files should be saved then click OK.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Recovering Photos From Nikon D7000

After the launch of D700 in September people were in surprise. It has upgrade option to both D300S and D90 buyers. It is almost similar in specification with D90. Advanced body shell and thick hand grip gives more value to the camera. It has 16.2 mega pixel which is the second highest of any Nikon DLSR, 24 mega pixel of D3X is highest. 3.0 inch LCD screen, twin SD card slots.
Professions always go with the high quality and low price. D7000 is the one which has both these qualities in it.

It has twin SD card slots so that we can click and save large quantity of photos. I also have D7000 with me. Once I went to an office tour i enjoyed a lot with my colleagues and for the memory i had clicked around 200 photos on that tour. I had captured every single moment of our enjoyment in my camera and we happily came back.
when i reached my home i was very tired so i went to take rest. Then after two hours i found my child is playing with my camera i rushed to take that camera from him and then i was shocked when i found he had deleted all my photos by mistake. I lost my photos and my mind too. Was not able to know what to do now. Then i called up one of my friend and told my situation to him.

After listening my problem he told me to calm down and suggested me to use Stellar phoenix photo recovery software. Then i downloaded this software and used it and i just can't believe on my eyes i got all my lost photos recovered back. So after this incident whenever i found any one caught in same problem of photo loss then i suggest him to use stellar photo recovery software.

This software not only recover photos but also lost video and audio from any storage media. It can be used on windows as well as mac operating supports various formats including JPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, ASF, WMV, RAW, GIF, JPG etc.