Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recover Photos From Memory Cards

Photos are more expressive as compared to any other files. That is why photos stored in a memory card are so important. Well, they are once in a life time captures that store the memories of an occasion or a gathering whether it with relatives or friends. Photos should be always kept safely with you. But, what will you do in case you lose them and need to recover them from the memory card. 

Take your time and try out some options:

If you want to recover photos in your memory card then there are few things that you can try out. The first thing is try to search your drive for copies of the photos or check your recycle bin. If that doesn’t work then you can try another card reader if you are using your computer’s on board card reader. 

Nothing worked, now how to restore photos from memory card?

If the above mentioned options fail then you need to use the memory card recovery software to restore your lost photos. Hey, it might be your only option especially if the data in your memory card are lost, deleted or partially formatted. With the help of this software you can easily retrieve your lost data comprising of videos, photos or audios. This software is compatible with memory cards such as SD card, SDHC card, Mini SD card, MMC card, Memory Stick and many more. The Mac as well as Windows users can use this software to recover photos or other media files. 

The software comprises of three basic steps which are:

Step 1- Select - Open the Stellar Photo Recovery Software and scan the chosen memory card attached to your computer.

Step 2- Scan - Now click the scan button and as the scanning continues you can have the preview of the recoverable image, audio and video files.

Step 3- Store - Finally when the scanning gets completed select the multimedia files and click recover button to save the recovered memory card data to the desired location.

See how simple it can be to recover your lost precious data from your memory card. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

How to recover photos from Sony Digital Camera model DSC-H50?

In this digital era, there are numbers of brands for digital camera available in the market. Sony is one of the top brands in digital camera and it has set up a benchmark for its competitors. Sony DSC-H50 is a camera invented by Sony which possess 9.1 mega-pixels camera with 15x zoom and Optical Steady Shot. It uses 15 MB internal memory and supports MS Duo / MS PRO Duo to store digital photos.

Both, MS Duo and MS PRO Duo are considered to be safe storage medium. But, many times, it gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. In this situation, a user can not view any files from it. Moreover, he cannot store any more photos in MS Duo / MS PRO Duo. To solve this problem, having a backup of photos or using photo recovery software becomes essential.

In case, you have loaded the MS Duo / MS PRO Duo in your Sony DSC-H50 digital camera and when you try and click a photo with it, you receive the following error:

"Card requires formatting"

As a result of the above error, you are neither able to click new pictures nor you can access the previously saved photos as well as videos.
The above frustrating error can appear on the LCD display of your Sony DSC-H50 digital camera in the following circumstances:
1. If there is a human interruption in the read/write process.
2. If the file system of your MS Duo / MS PRO Duo has got damaged.
3. Virus Infection

Do not panic and follow below steps to recover lost photos from MS Duo / MS PRO Duo of your Sony DSC-H50 camera.
  1. Take MS Duo / MS PRO Duo out from camera, insert in a card reader and attach with computer through card reader
  2. Search for photo recovery software on internet and install on computer.
  3. Run the program and scan the affected drive on which MS Duo / MS PRO Duo is showing.
  4. It will show a glimpse of all the photos, audio and videos.
  5. Select the files you want to recover and click on recover button.
  6. Save the recovered files on some location other than source location.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is a perfect photo recovery tool to recover lost or deleted photos from any digital camera including Sony, Canon, Nikon, Kodak etc.

It is capable to recover the deleted photos, audios and videos of various formats including JPEG, , AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP4, 3GP, ASF, WMV, Exif, RAW, GIF, JPG etc. from all storage media in almost all circumstances. It is a read-only tool and available for both Windows and Mac users.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fixing “The Card requires formatting” Error Message in Canon Powershot A495 Camera

Canon Powershot A495 is a 10 megapixels digital SLR camera with 3,648 x 2,736 pixels resolution, 2.5-inch LCD and various other features which are mostly in demand by professional camera users. It uses SD, SDHC and SDXC memory card to save all the digital data.

The SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards are most popular and can be purchased even from a small shop. These memory card needs to be formatted before you save any new pictures. It is always a good practice to take backup of card and format it before use. This enables you to fight with any damage done to the memory card and to erase the old data saved on the card. However, the probability of card getting corrupted again (after you have saved new data) still exists.

In such cases, if you format the memory card, then all the old pictures saved in the memory card is lost. In that situation, to access the pictures after formatting, you need to restore it from a valid backup. But, what if you have not maintained any backup? In this circumstance, Only a powerful photo recovery software can help you to recover lost photos.

To understand the photo loss situation, consider a scenario: You format a memory card in Canon Powershot A495, and start to capture some pictures. However, while capturing pictures, your camera shuts down due to low battery. Now, after recharging battery, when you try to access those photograph on the card, you receive the following error message on camera screen:

The Card requires formatting”

Additionally, the camera is unable to capture any new photographs.


The main cause for the above error message is corruption of memory card due to conking of battery while a read/write operation was running.


The above error message can be resolved only by re-formatting the memory card. But, if you format the card, the photographs saved in the memory card will be deleted.

To recover the deleted photographs after formatting, you should have either updated and clean backup or need to opt for an advanced photo recovery tool. A photo recovery tool employs comprehensive recovery algorithms to recover lost, deleted, or formatted data. The recovery software ensures complete recovery of almost all image file formats and allows you to restore the recoverable pictures, audios and videos at required location.

This type of Photo Recovery Tool is designed with an interactive user-interface, which makes the recovery process easier and simpler. It supports recovery with multiple operating systems.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Recover lost photos from SD card with SD Card Data Recovery Software

Have you lost your digital photos? Are you worried for those photos? Do not worry, this article will suggest you the best resolution to recover lost photos from SD Card including other brands of memory card.

Earlier, when we started using digital camera, there was no mechanism that would help us to recover lost or deleted photos from memory card. But, now, our technology has become so strong that we can recover lost photos, audios and videos from any type of memory card. No matter, whether it is due to physical failure or logical failure, the recovery of photos is possible by using a SD Card Data Recovery Software.

Why to use SD Card Recovery Software?
  1. Software is Read only utility(will not write anything on card)..
  2. Its recover lost photos, audios and video files from corrupt and formatted SD card and other storage media. But, the corrupt media should show as a drive.
  3. Easy to use, even a non-technical person can use it to recover lost photos from any stored media.
  4. Supports more than 50 file formats
Steps to use SD Card Data Recovery Software?
  1. Search a SD Card Recovery Software from Internet
  2. Install it on your local computer
  3. Connect memory card with computer with the help of Card Reader
  4. Run the program. It will automatically detect the external drive. If it does not detect then specify the drive of memory card and click on scan button
  5. After scanning for few minutes, it will present a list of all the files (Photos, audios and videos). Select from the list and click on recover button for recovery
  6. It will ask you to save it. Just save it on some location other than the drive from which you are recovering.
SD Card Data Recovery Software is well known card recovery software.
If you Scan Your Computer it will detect and recover all the accidentally deleted, lost digital photos, mp3 and video files from hard drives, camera memory cards (SD Card), USB drives and other flash memory storage devices.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Get 20% discount on Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

Edison, N.J., 19th Aug 2011: Stellar Data Recovery a reckoned name in recovery products and services is celebrating World Photography Day by offering 3 day special discounts on Stellar Photo Recovery Software Solutions to help customers bring back their lost memories. Stellar Photo Recovery Solutions help you recover and repair back your lost, deleted or corrupt photo, audio and video.

Today is World Photography Day, a day when all the photographers around the world come together to share their passion for photography. Stellar would like to wish everyone Happy Photography Day” said Sunil Chandna, CEO Stellar Data Recovery. He also added “On this special occasion we would like to offer flat 20% discount on our popular Stellar Photo Recovery Solutions that can be availed from our website”

Stellar Photo Recovery Software Solutions consist of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a robust tool that recovers lost, deleted or formatted photos, audio, videos from various storage devices, including hard drives and all types of external storage media whereas Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is a complete solution for repairing corrupt photographs and image files having JPG or JPEG format from hard disk, memory card or any other media used for storage of image files. Stellar is celebrating world photography day with its customers and is offering 20% discount on its photo recovery and photo repair tools. The offer is valid from 19th August till 21st August 2011.

Pricing and Availability

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is available for immediate download in single user licenses. The software can be purchased online at flat 20% discounted price. The offer is valid from 19th August till 21st August 2011.

About Stellar Information Systems Ltd

Stellar Information Systems Limited [a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner] is the only ISO 9001-2008 certified company specializing in data recovery software and in-lab services. Established in 1993 by a group of technocrat professionals; Stellar is the most trusted brand with a user of 1 million+ across 137 countries, transparent money back policy and 24 hours support. Stellar Phoenix products are Windows7 compatible and have bagged various awards & accolades.

Contact Information:

For more information about the product features and purchase options:
Voice : +1-877-778-6083 (TOLL FREE)
Web Address-

Monday, July 25, 2011

How I recovered lost photos and videos of National Dance Day Celebration

National Dance Day is an annual event, celebrated in United States with great pleasure and happiness. The first National Dance Day was celebrated on July 31, 2010 and it will be celebrated on last Saturday of July in every year. The National Dance Day was created by Nigel Lithogoe who was an executive producer and judge "So You Think You Can Dance television series". His aim was to promote dance education and physical fitness across US.

Last year, we took part in National Dance Day with my lovely fiancee, Joyce. I can not explain how splendid the moment was! Joyce was very happy and so was I. We were so absorbed in dancing that we did not remember how it passed 3 hours.

After finishing our parts of dance, we settled. There were many other pairs and groups who showed their style of dance. I captured many awesome photos and videos of the celebration with my Nikon D5000.

Next day, I decided to upload those photos and videos to Facebook so that my friends and relatives can watch the beautiful moments of National Dance Day Celebration.

While I tried to transfer photos &videos to computer, encountered with an error message:

Card error”

I took the SDHC card out of card reader, cleaned it and re-inserted in reader, but same error message was shown on screen.

Desperately, I called my friend who is a Computer Professional. He asked me not to worry and download a card recovery utility from Internet.

I research on internet for some good card recovery software as suggested by my friend. I tried various one, installing the free version and checked for lost photos. Some software recovered few photos but one software was very powerful which previewed all my photos. This was really exciting and a give thanks to Stellar photo Recovery Software which recovered my lost photos.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How I recovered lost photos from SDHC card?

I have a Kodak digital camera, which uses SDHC cards to store photos. Last week, when I was viewing pictures of my relatives participation in the wedding of mine. I accidentally deleted them by clicking the "Remove All" button. A small error when handling the camera operations landed me in trouble, as these photos were only available to me. Upset me thinking about the incident to infinity. Finally, I searched the Internet for solutions to my problem. I searched a photo recovery software, which promise to restore deleted photos successfully in a short period of time.

Recovery utility for photos can be easily downloaded and installed on your computer. Such third-party applications designed to meet the needs of recovering data from the digital camera user, regardless of the cause of data loss. Whether it's accidental deletion, accidental or intentional formatting or file system damage, the utility of photo recovery works well for any possible causes.

At first I thought it was impossible to restore deleted files from SDHC memory card. But my quest helped to shed the various misconceptions about data recovery. To restore data from any media. In addition, if you lose a file to remove, it's never gone on a permanent basis. When a file is deleted, the SDHC card or any other storage space for signs of another file. These deleted file remains intact in the same place until the new file overwrites it. Thus, we can recover data from a SDHC card successfully, if nothing was written to him after the incident with the loss of data.

During my intensive search, I found that the probability of successful recovery of photos also depends on the Photo Recovery Software. Although you will find many photo recovery tools, it would be wise to check their ability properly before using it

Important points to check before using a photo recovery software:
  • Always make sure you choose a read-only tool that does not alter the original images.
  • Ensure the use of a tool that is easy to use and safe.
  • you should try the demo version to judge these settings.
I found a promising software that assures to restore photos from all types of memory cards including SDHC, SD, MMC, etc. I used it for a few minutes, I was able to recover lost images of my relatives involvement in my wedding.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Memory card error" in Pentax Optio S40 camera

Pentax Optio S40 is a high definition 4 mega pixel digital camera with user friendly features that makes the camera to have high demand among the camera lovers. With sophisticated design and compact size, the camera is highly portable. The camera has a saves the photographs in the SD (Secure Digital) card or a MMC (Multi Media Card). Most of the users face a problem of corruption in these digital memory cards that leads to the inaccessibility of the data stored in them. However, inaccessibility of data can be dealt with having an updated backup of the memory card. But to have a backup of the memory card is not a habit of most of the camera users. Thus in absence of a proper backup, you can recover your data (photos) by the use of a third party memory card data recovery software.

Picture a situation wherein you have been to the birthday party of your friend, who was permanently leaving for London in the next few days. You had snapped a number of pictures from your Pentax Optio S40 digital camera on that occasion. To your utter misfortune, the camera turns off unexpectedly due to empty battery. When you switched on the camera next time to view the photographs, you received the error message that reads:

With the display of the above error message, the data saved in the memory card becomes inaccessible. The same error message pops out every time you attempt to see the view the pictures on your camera.


The error message is a result of the corruption of memory card due to abrupt shutdown of the camera.


You can resolve the problem discussed in the preceding text, you need to perform the following procedures. The procedure would format the memory card.
  • Select Format from the Set-up menu
  • Select Format by pressing the four way controller
  • Press OK to begin the formatting process
After you have formatted the memory card, you no more find the error message. But, all the data previously saved on the memory card gets deleted when you format the memory card. To recover such data from the formatted memory card, you need a third party card recovery software. Theses applications implements high ended algorithm to comprehensively recover the deleted, lost and in accessible photo from a corrupt memory card.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easy tips to recover deleted photos from corrupted memory card

Have you ever lost the single copy of precious photos of some happy moments. It is too shocking to loose photos that has special importance for you. Memory Cards are used to store digital photos. It is very small in size and can store high-definition photos and videos in bulk. So it is preferred for storing digital files.

But, We can not ignore the fact that these cards quite fragile compared to photographic prints. Often, Digital Camera users keep only a single copy of photos in order to make a room to store more files. This arises a big issue when copy is lost or damaged and cannot be read.

To avoid such a situation, one must take back-up of photos frequently. The back-up can be easily used if any situation of photo loss is faced. However, in absence of clean back-up, one must use a card recovery utility to undelete photos from corrupted or formatted memory card.

Common Reasons of loss of photos:
  1. Accidental formatting of an entire memory card that holds image files
  2. Memory card or hard drive corruption
  3. Accidental deletion of image files
  4. Interface or file transfer errors
Regardless of what is the reasons of photos loss, a card recovery software can recover deleted photos. To recover deleted photos from corrupted or formatted memory card, you must follow the below steps:
  1. Insert the card in card reader, attach with computer and try to access the photos
  2. If you are unable to access them, format the card
  3. Now, download Card Recovery Software from Internet and install on your computer
  4. Run the program and scan your card. A preview of the photos will appear. Select the photos you want to recover and click on Recover.
It is very easy to recover deleted photos from corrupted card by using card recovery software. It is a comprehensive and real-only card utility, suitable to recover deleted photos from memory cards including hard drive, falsh drive, zip drive, Cds, DVDs etc. It is available in two variants: mac and windows.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Card Recovery Software – Recover Lost Photos from Corrupted memory card

Have you ever experienced loosing of your precious photos or video from memory card? If yes, then you can understand the situation very well. It is too frustrating to loose your photos which is very important and you have been preserving them from longer.

The memory cards are used in Digital Camera, Digital Phones and Digital Camcorders to store digital photos and videos. Generally, a user stores photos, video, audios or movie clips on memory cards.

Although, Memory Cards are very secured to store digital files such as photos, pictures, audios and videos. But, we can not ignore the real fact that memory cards are more prone to be corrupted. Even a small error in these cards may arise a big issue of photos loss.

The safe part is to have different back-ups on frequent basis. But, in many cases, users do not take back-up due to lack of time or unavailability of other storage media. Just think the situation, if the memory card is corrupted then you have no options. In this situation, there is one and only one hope to use a Card Recovery Software.

Reasons of Memory Card Corruption:

A memory card is a vulnerable electronic device and gets corrupted due to various reasons. Some of the popular reasons that causes a memory card to be corrupted are as below:

1.Human intervention while a file is being written/read from card
2.Virus Infection
3.Conking of Battery while using the device like camera or camcorder
4.Switching off the camera too frequently while using.


There is no need to worry at all in this situation because our technology has become very advanced and the recovery of lost photos and other multimedia files are possible by using a Card Recovery Software.

Follow the below steps while using Card Recovery Software:

1.Insert the card in card reader, attach with computer system
2.Download the card recovery software from Internet
3.Run the program and scan the drive on which the card is mounted
4.After scanning, it shows the glimpse of the photos, audios and videos that are recoverable.
5.Select from the list and click on Recover Button for recovery.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Recover deleted photos from memory Card?

Have you ever deleted your important photos from memory card or from other portable devices? If so, they you can easily understand the frustration of this situation. This situation becomes a little bit more cumbersome if you do not have back-up of your photos. In this situation, a user becomes desperate and look for photo recovery tools to recover deleted photos. In this article, i will explain how to recover lost or deleted photos from formatted or corrupted memory card.

Do not panic at all when you have deleted your photos from card or formatted your card. As the recovery of each and every photos and other digital files are possible by using a card recovery software as long as you do not overwrite it by any other files.

But, choosing a right card recovery utility is quite difficult. There are numbers of card recovery tool are available on internet. You need to choose a read-only and non-destructive card recovery tool. 
I experienced the photo loss situation three months back. Then I searched card recovery tool on internet. I downloaded many ones but could found suitable only few of them.

Card Recovery Software is a card recovery utility which i used and recovered my lost photos within ten minutes.

It is a read-only and non-destructive in nature. Its scanning algorithms is written in way that it can recover lost photos from corrupted and formatted memory cards including hard drive, zip drive, CDS, DVDs, flash drive, memory sticks etc. It is developed in two variants: mac and windows.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Memory Card Recovery Utility: Recovers lost photos from memory cards

It is very tough situation to loose important photos of our life. Most of us, experience the problem of loosing of photos in life. Memory Cards which is heavily used to store digital photos are more prone to corrupt. You can not access the stored photos of memory card due to corruption of its file systems. The situation becomes a little bit easier, when you created backup files of the lost photos. But most of the time, we often forget to take back-up being a little bit lazy. So what to do, in case you have not taken back-up and the memory card has got corrupted. In this case, the use of Card Recovery Software can help you to remove the error and recover the lost photos.
A memory card may get corrupted due to following reasons:
  • Virus attack
  • low battery while capturing photos
  • pulling out of card from camera while a file is being written on it
  • pulling out of card from card reader while a file is being transferred to computer
  • switching off the camera while a file is being saved on card etc.
When a card is corrupted, the file system of the card is corrupted resulting the digital equipment like camera, camcorder and computer are unable to access the photos from the card. But, the photos are exist on the card while we do not overwrite it with other files.
A Memory Card Recovery utility scans the memory card and recovers all the lost photos from corrupted card. The recovered files can be saved at user-specified location.
Card Recovery Software is a globally recognized card recovery utility that recovers lost, missing, and formatted files from any memory card including hard disk, pen drive, zip drive, memory sticks, Cds, DVDs etc.. The third-party utility recovers almost all kinds file types, irrespective of their size. Designed for Mac OS X and Windows, the free demo version of the software allows the user to preview the files before saving it at required location. It is available in two variants: mac and windows.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to recover digital photos from Sony Alpha NEX-3

Sony Alpha NEX-3 is a 14.2 mega pixels compact digital camera. Its lens is interchangeable. It has so many other stunning features like LCD viewfinder, 3” LCD screen etc. It uses MS PRO Duo / SD / SDHC / SDXC to store digital photos and other digital files.

These cards have been proved to be secured storage device. But, on many occasion, its get corrupted. Once, it is corrupted, a user can not store any new photos in it. Moreover, they can not access the previously stored photos as well. To fight with such situation, we should have either clean back-up or photo recovery software.

If we have clean back-up then just format the card and restore the back-up in the card. However, in absense of back-up, the use of photo recovery software is must.

Suppose: You are capturing the beautiful landscaping with your Sony Alpha NEX-3. But, Suddenly, an error message pops up on camera screen and it switches off automatically. When you switch it on, an error message is shown:

The Card Requires formatting”


This error is shown when the card of the camera is corrupted. There are many reasons due to which a card is corrupted.
  • Human interruption while a file is being written/read from card
  • virus attack
  • low battery while snapping

You must follow the below steps in order to successfully recover your lost photos from card.
  • Stop using the card immediately
  • Download a Photo recovery software and install on your computer
  • insert your card in card reader, attach with your computer and try to access the information
  • if you are unable to access the information then there is no way and you must use photo recovery software to scan the card
  • it will preview the list of files that can be recovered
  • select the files you want to recover and press on Recover button
Photo Recovery Software is one of the wonderful photo recovery software and supports recovery from almost all storage device like hard disk, memory card, memory sticks, pen drive, flash drive, Cds, DVDs etc. It is available in two variants: mac and windows.