Monday, July 25, 2011

How I recovered lost photos and videos of National Dance Day Celebration

National Dance Day is an annual event, celebrated in United States with great pleasure and happiness. The first National Dance Day was celebrated on July 31, 2010 and it will be celebrated on last Saturday of July in every year. The National Dance Day was created by Nigel Lithogoe who was an executive producer and judge "So You Think You Can Dance television series". His aim was to promote dance education and physical fitness across US.

Last year, we took part in National Dance Day with my lovely fiancee, Joyce. I can not explain how splendid the moment was! Joyce was very happy and so was I. We were so absorbed in dancing that we did not remember how it passed 3 hours.

After finishing our parts of dance, we settled. There were many other pairs and groups who showed their style of dance. I captured many awesome photos and videos of the celebration with my Nikon D5000.

Next day, I decided to upload those photos and videos to Facebook so that my friends and relatives can watch the beautiful moments of National Dance Day Celebration.

While I tried to transfer photos &videos to computer, encountered with an error message:

Card error”

I took the SDHC card out of card reader, cleaned it and re-inserted in reader, but same error message was shown on screen.

Desperately, I called my friend who is a Computer Professional. He asked me not to worry and download a card recovery utility from Internet.

I research on internet for some good card recovery software as suggested by my friend. I tried various one, installing the free version and checked for lost photos. Some software recovered few photos but one software was very powerful which previewed all my photos. This was really exciting and a give thanks to Stellar photo Recovery Software which recovered my lost photos.

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