Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Recover and Restore Deleted AVI Files from Disk or Memory Cards

Video files are saved in various formats; avi is one of the important formats. Full form of AVI is Audio Video Interface, Microsoft was developed this video format in 1992. It is very oldest video formats and the files can be stored with the extension of ".avi". Now it is well known format and supports all OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac etc. Almost all web browser supports AVI video format. These avi files are stored in hard drive, SD cards, Pen drives, memory cards, I-pod, mobile phones, MP3 players, external hard disk drives etc.
Causes of AVI Files Loss:
AVI files may be deleted or lost due to various reasons; some of them are given below:
  • Accidental deletion of avi files.
  • Virus attack can make AVI files corrupted.
  • Through unintentional formatting avi file may become corrupted or deleted
  • Reformatting or repartitioning may be one of the reason behind lost avi files
  • Intentional deletion can make lost the avi files
  • Due to move or cut operations, avi files becomes corrupted or lost.
  • Due to interrupted read / write operations,
  • abrupt system shutdown may cause for corrupted or deleted avi files
  • Any reason if storage device is formatted or damaged than no one can access avi videos.
  • Due to Software and hardware error avi file can damaged
  • If we are tried to play avi video with corrupted media player, it can make inaccessible video.
  • Due to power failure like problems avi video files can also lost
Since the lost AVI files might be useful for anyone needs, so they are eager to recover avi files strongly. This moment, our high efficient avi recovery software can solve the problem very easy and efficient manner.

Operate AVI Recovery

You will have little chance to recover your lost or formatted AVI files, if the disk or memory card where the lost AVI files were stored has been overwritten. So it is very necessary to avoid data overwriting. For recovering your lost avi files from drives or memory cards, you can use avi recovery software to recover your lost files in very easy and efficient manner. Below are the steps by using you can recover your deleted AVI file:

1.  Download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery application first, doesn’t need to think, it's totally free for downloading. After that, install this software on your PC or Laptop.
  2.  Run the software and select your disk or you memory card where your lost AVI files were stored to scan.
Then this software will scan your drive deeply and completely to seek the lost AVI files.
  3.  After scanning is completed, click the "Recover" button, then you will be asked for where you want to store the files.
DO NOT save the recovered flies to the same path where your lost AVI files were stored.
After following above steps, you will get back your lost AVI files again.

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