Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How I Recovered Mobile Photos of My Best Friend!!

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings”.

Friendship is very precious, isn’t it?? It is because they are built with so much care. In our life, we come across so many people. Out of them, sometimes a few becomes our best of friends and few ones we do not bother to remember. Why I am telling you this because I revitalized my special bond with my friend from getting hostile recently…!!

Hey I am planning to meet one of my best friend on her wedding this coming labor day weekend. So excited!!!

Let me tell you an incident that happened just couple of weeks ago-

I went to my best friend birthday last weekend. It was a great celebration, lots of food, dancing, photography, video recordings …just a grand birthday bash!!!

Once she got busy for a while and wanted me to take pictures from her cell phone. She had hundreds of photos kept in her cellphone. Well, I loved to click snaps and I captured every single moment most exquisitely, not knowing about the frightening scene which was about to happen in our way!!! On the next day, when she tried to connect to pc……..she screamed!!!! OHHHH !! It was to my dismay as to what happened after all??  In a very gloomy tone, she said the pictures are not there. It was showing some error message “damaged or corrupted card”. I was feeling embarrassed as I had taken all the pictures for her on her request.  I wanted to help my best friend to come out of this and get back all the pictures which she treasures every time. That would be the best birthday gift I could ever give her.

I immediately started searching over the Internet for this issue and got to know that it happens when memory card used in your mobile phone gets corrupt or damaged.

The best way to overcome data loss is by using professional photo recovery software. I used one of the best photo recovery tools recommended on an expert website and restored all her photos. I thanked the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software for getting her back all the data she has lost and I was happy to return back her treasures.

From then onwards, I became very careful regarding data storage and safety. Further, I wanted to share few tips with you:-

Tips to avoid mobile phone data loss:

To deal such situations and avoid data loss on mobile phones caused by some unknown error, it is recommended to follow certain steps of precautions:

·         Maintain Data Backup:

You have hundreds of contacts, photos, videos, and music files on your mobile phone and losing them, can cause severe data loss. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain the backup of all your valuable data on the computer. This data backup will work as a boon when you come across data loss due to any reason.

·         Understand Your Problem First:

If you do not have the backup of your data, then understand your problem first as knowing the problem can only lead you to the right solution. Get to know whether your phone is physically damaged or logically corrupt. Physical damage comprises damage to the physical components of your phone, which occurs due to sudden dropping or any similar reasons. On the other hand, logical corruption means corruption of file system of the memory card used in your mobile phone. In case of physical damage, you have to take your device to the data recovery service provider; whereas in case of logical corruption, you have to use professional data recovery tool.

·         Stop Using Your Mobile Phone:

As soon as you realize your problem, stop using your device before you take it to service provider or use data recovery tool. However, if you do not take this precaution and keep on using your device even after the loss, then chances of complete data loss or incomplete recovery are high.

Therefore, if you follow this precaution and use an apt solution by knowing your exact problem, you can expect complete recovery of your lost data from your mobile phone. However, you need not worry in case of logical corruptions, as you have to perform the recovery of your lost files by using recovery tool. This is because an efficient data recovery tool like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software has intuitive user interface, which does not let you feel that you are using the software for the first time or you are a non-technical computer user.

These days People are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones for storing their invaluable personal and official data. Moreover, scenarios of data loss are increasing. Majority of reasons are responsible for data loss from mobile phones, which may include corruption of mobile phone memory card, accidental deletion of data from the phone, and unwanted formatting of files on the phone.

So, do not panic even after encountering logical corruption on your mobile phone memory card. Just use professional software and perform the recovery of your lost files easily.

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