Sunday, September 7, 2014

MicroSd card corruption and How I found out my Savior

"The only constant thing in this world is change”

Time changes fast and with each passing time technology is evolving at equal pace. People these days use smartphones, GPS navigation, tablet computers, I pads/I pods, IPhones. Henceforth the frequency of data loss has been rising and will continue in future also.  As a solution Data Recovery software are recommended and are available online in the internet. These days MicroSD cards are being widely used in smartphones, IPhones etc.

Like hard drive of your computer, SD cards also encounter data loss. There can be various reasons for data loss from MicroSD cards, which may range from corruption or damage of the card to  accidental deletion of some image files. Whatever is the cause, the problem is you lose your stored image files. In such situations, losing hope does not solve your problem, instead searching online for some remedy to fix the problem is recommended.

How my MicroSD card photos got corrupt and how I restored my lost photos

I was on the verge of clicking as much photos as possible from my new smartphone at an event, and forgot to take back up of them. While transferring photos to the computer, although it was on my mind to eject the external drive in Windows before finally removing it from the computer, but as I was in a rush, I forgot to do that! Although I had done such mistakes before but this time I wasn’t that lucky. 

After that I got to know that my card was showing unreadable. I tried it using in various systems but the card was not recognized by any of them. The result was loss of invaluable photographs of my Smartphone which I afraid I would get back again.

I knew about photo recovery services online and then I started searching on the internet. After experimenting for quite a while, lastly I found efficient, user friendly recovery software which was successful in recovering photos from my corrupt MicroSd card.

It was a great relief and after that I thought to share little information:

Reasons for Data Loss from MicroSD cards

·         Updating the System
·         Formatting the Device wrongly
·         Reformatting Memory Card
·         Virus infection
·         Sudden loss of Electricity when MicroSD card is in use
·         Accidental Deletion
·         Accidental formatting
·         Turning off device during read/write process
·         Improper ejection of external device
·         Natural disasters (floods, fires, hurricanes)
·         Hardware failure
Damaged photos due to storage failure

Try the following steps to Restore Lost photos from MicroSD cards

·     Select: After downloading and installing the software on your computer, attach your affected SDcard to this computer. Launch the tool and click the option to select the MicroSd card.
·         Scan: Next, choose the option to start the scanning of this selected card. Typically, efficient photo recovery software provides the preview of recoverable photos in its interface.
·        Save: Upon completion of the scanning process, you can select some or all photos for recovery. However, after selecting the photos, click option to save them. Commonly, all MicroSD card recovery tools provide the option to select a location of your choice for saving the recovered files. 

Therefore, with the help of these simple steps of professional MicroSD card recovery software, you can easily recover your lost or deleted photos. These steps are applicable even if your card is damaged/corrupt. The only thing to keep in mind is that do not use your device after you encounter photo loss as any further usage of your device can cause overwriting can make your data unrecoverable.

However, while searching over the Internet for SD card photo recovery software, you will be surprised to see some freeware of this category. Though these tools too can recover your deleted photos, but most of the times they are malware that harm your system more than recovering your data. Therefore, to avoid encountering such situations, it is recommended to go for a tool that provides both free demo and paid full versions. Analyze the software with demo and recover your photos with its paid version. 



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