Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ways To Recover Your Lost Photos From Windows Hard Drive

Mostly all the computer users have digital images or photos stored on their computer's hard drive. However, similar to other file formats, digital images can get lost or deleted from the hard drive of your computer by accidental deletion. There are situations when a user deletes the photo and later realizes that the photo was precious to him.

Apart from accidental deletion photo loss can happen due to some other factors also such as virus infection, hard drive corruption or by formatting the hard drive. Therefore, to restore deleted or lost photos an highly efficient photo recovery software is very important to ensure the successful retrieval of your important deleted digital images. Fortunately there are many software tools available that make it possible to easily recover lost photos and other files.

Actually, in most cases the lost or deleted photo is still on your computer system and you can recover it. Hence, prior going for the available photo recovery softwares you can always try out some basic steps given below to recover your lost photos:

1. Open Recycle Bin: This is typically found on your computer's desktop to check if the deleted photo is still there. If the deleted file is still there then you can restore it by simply dragging it to your desktop from Recycle Bin else right click and  click the restore option.

2. Search the computer hard drive: The other step you can follow is to search the hard drive of your computer for the deleted file. For this click the Start button on the desktop, then click Search and Select “For Files and Folders”. This will allow you to view the search results for pictures, video or music files.

In case after following the above mentioned steps you are still not able to find your deleted image files then, you have to go for the third party photo recovery software. You can download the software from internet. When you run the software, you are asked to select the drive from which you want to recover your lost photos. After selecting the drive click on Scan button. The moment Scan button is clicked the recovery process gets started. During the recovery process software scans the selected drive and track your lost or deleted image file. After the recovery process gets completed you can save the recovered photos on the drive, other than the one from which they have been recovered.

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