Friday, January 20, 2012

Measures For Avoiding Memory Card Problems

Memory card is an electronic data storage device used for storing digital information. Memory cards are commonly used in many electronic devices including digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, MP3 Players and video game consoles for storing precious data that is why memory cards should be used carefully otherwise there can be situations of data loss. Although, today we have softwares such as memory card recovery software for recovering lost or deleted photos still it is better to take measures while handling memory cards because “prevention is better than cure.”

Following are the measures that can be followed to avoid data loss situations:

1. Always eject your memory card in a proper way from the computer :

When you are done with transferring your photos to your computer, make sure that you don’t pull out the memory card from reader or USB cable rather you should eject it properly. 

2. Prefer formatting memory card instead of deleting all photos :

Formatting memory card means resetting it and making it fresh again. It will help correct any disk errors that may have occurred during last shoot. 

3. Don’t fill your memory card completely : 

Your camera probably has a number on the screen that let you know about how many snaps you can take before your memory card is full. This number is only an estimate, so if you happen to take a photo when your card is actually full, then things can get messed up. To avoid this problem, always make sure to have some extra space available on the card. 

4. Cards should be stored in a safe place :

It is important to safeguard the contacts on your memory cards, because the smallest piece of dust can result into reading/writing problems and ultimately loss of photos. 

5. Replace batteries before they run down :

If you push your batteries to the limit and wait till they completely get empty, then there is a possibility they will run out at the exact moment your camera is writing to your memory card which could result in data loss. 

So, these are the few helpful measures that can make your experience of capturing and storing photos everlasting. 

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