Friday, June 15, 2012

How To Recover lost photos from Canon EOS 40D Camera

The EOS 40D is the sixth digital SLR, canon launched this series back in year 2000 with EOS 30D. Canon introduces EOS 40D with the advancement in the technology over EOS 30D which was launched in 2006. Comparing EOS 40D with its previous version EOS 30D the new add-ons we got with EOS 40D are:

  • It is weather proof with battery door and storage compartment
  • 10.1 mega pixels
  • High speed vibration of filter for dust reduction
  • 3.0” TFT LCD
  • LCD live view, including mirror drop AF
  • DIGIC III processor

History of Canon EOS series

Canon EOS 40D is a camera with outstanding performance in the field. This camera has lifelong performance but you need to take few precautions so that you’re EOS 40D will work properly without any problem.

  1. Always detach your SDHC card from EOS 40D after switching off the camera properly.
  2. Never use or even try to attach your SDHC card or camera with any infected PC or laptop.
  3. If your SDHC card is not working in EOS 40D then eject your card and examine the connectors for debris. Clean the SDHC card with a cotton cloth.

Sometimes you can get an error “Format the drive” when you are using your camera attached with your PC. This type of error is really hard to cure and if you click on that message then you will lose your data which is stored in your SDHC card of your camera.

The only option that we got is to use recovery software for recovering your data. There are different types of recovery softwares present in the market according to the need. For recovering data from camera we need to use photo recovery software which will recover all your photos, videos, audio from SDHC card of EOS 40D.

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