Monday, June 25, 2012

How to restore lost/deleted photos from Canon EOS-1D C DLSR Camera

Canon always fulfill its promises to the customers as done with the launch of 4k capable DLSR. Canon announced EOS-1D C in London, UK on 12th April, 2012. This can capture an image of 4k (4096 x 2160 pixels). It can capture video at up to 24p without downscaling, from its 18MP full frame sensor. The camera EOS-1D C will cost approx. 10,000 euro.

The camera has been developed to fulfil the requirements of Hollywood and television broadcasters.
There is an ultra-fast continuous shooting mode that can capture image at 14 fps by keeping the mirror raised during the shooting.
In many respects the EOS-1D C is very similar with 1DX, but the canon worked on the internal circuits to avoid the overheating during the required data rate for video recording.

Key Features are:

  • 1080p at 50/60fps
  • 4k movies capable
  • 18 MP CMOS
  • up to 12fps stills; 14fps mode
  • 61 point AF system
  • EF lens compatible
  • ISO range 100-25600

We can get this camera in the market most probably in October month, now the countdown begins for us to get ready to experience the new features of EOS-1D C DLSR.
Now I would like to talk about the general problem which we face with any of the camera so this time we can be aware very early about the problem which we can face after buying the EOS-1D C DLSR.
I am talking about the problem of losing your photos from camera anyway. There can be many reasons of losing photos from EOS-1D C camera.

  • Accidentally pressing the deletion button of EOS-1D C camera.
  • Formatting the EOS-1D C camera memory card by mistake.
  • Due to improper detaching of memory card from the camera.
  • Corruption of EOS-1D C memory card after using it in virus infected PC or Laptop.
  • Physical damage to the camera that can cause deletion of all the photos from camera or memory card.


Be alert and up to date about any of the problem which is mentioned above. After encountering any of the above problems the only effective option we have is to use Photo Recovery software. You can find much photo recovery software on internet, use any of the one but always remember to choose the software which can show you the preview of your lost photos without spending money on that software.

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