Monday, July 30, 2012

Fixing Memory card Errors and recovering your lost photos

Now a day’s memory card is used in every digital device like in mobiles, digital cameras, I pod and other small electronic devices for storing data. Memory cards technology was launched in 1990s. PC cards were first commercial memory card which was introduced in market. It is nonvolatile that is when removed from the device it will not lose any data stored in it.                        
Whenever we go to purchase memory card mostly all of us consider its price, capacity and its compatibility. Some devices support only specific type of memory card and memory. So it’s necessary to know information about your device and the type of memory card supported by your device.
Today it’s very easy to buy memory card for any device you just need to search on internet and order any type of memory card which your device supports. It’s better to buy only original and branded memory cards otherwise local memory card not only slow down your device performance but also can cause data loss from memory card.

Error’s which we can face while using any memory card:
>> No memory card
>> The card cannot be used
>> Read error or Write error
>> Card not initialized
>> Card error
>> Memory card error

We can face any of the above errors than it’s impossible for us to access data stored in memory card. It’s better to recover your all data before experimenting anything to fix your card. Before that do not rewrite any data to memory card otherwise you will lose data permanently. For recovery from memory card - Stellar memory card recovery software can be used. After recovering all your data from memory card, fixing can be done.

If card is not recognized by your computer than you have to check the card for the problems. You can check media errors in memory card using disk repair utilities, like CHKDSK in Microsoft windows. If this doesn’t work than no need to worry, you had already recovered your data now you can click on format it and format the memory card.

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