Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Expended Capacity of Flash Memory Devices – Click, Save and Sleep

DHC memory card stands for secure digital high capacity memory card. SDHC memory card is a flash memory device with data storage capacity of maximum 32 GB. If you need more data storage capacity you should go for SDXC(extended memory ). SDXC memory card maximum capacity is 2TB. According to SD association you could store 100 HD movies, 60 hours of HD recording, or 17,000 high resolution photos on a SDXC card.

As the storage capacity of flash memory devices is expending year by year , the risk of data loss is also rising. People have stopped taking the backup of the files and they keep all the data in flash memory devices.

Suppose your 2 TB SDXC card does not have any space and you replace it with a new flash memory card. After few months when you insert your old fully filled memory card into your
camera to delete few pictures from it, it shows error message “memory card locked” or “Memory card corrupted”. It means that you are going to loose your 17,000 memorable photos and uncountable memories that attached with that photos. You can't imagine your condition in that situation any more.

Now days you don't need to worry about it. You should be thankful to technology to make you life easier on every step, it doesn't matter you are in trouble because of our mistakes or bad luck.
There are lots of memory card recovery software available online as well as in market.

We should consider few parameters while choosing any memory card recovery software :

1.First check which type of memory card you have as there are lots of memory card like SD, MicroSD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, XD, CF cards, IBM Micro Drives, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick DUO, Memory Stick PRO DUO, Flash Cards and Sony Memory Stick, etc. Then check the memory card recovery software that you are going to consider,will work with your memory card or not.

2.Consider the card recovery software according to your operating system as different data recovery software supports different operating system.

3.It is most important factor to check that which kind of files you want to recover, it is fine you know that you want to recover images, videos or audio files. But there are 100s of file extensions in these categories like for images JPG, JPEG, JP2, BMP, GIF, TIF, INDD, MOS, PSP, PSD, PCT, etc. For videos WMV, ASF, MOV, 3GP, MPEG, etc. For audio wav, mp3, RM, RA, etc. For camera formats NEF,CR2,ORF, etc.

4.Is the software you are purchasing is user friendly? To check this first always go with trial version then purchase if you see some fruitful results.

5.Check what customer service support, company is providing after selling product to you .

6.The software you are purchasing is with single user license of multi user license.

7.Last thing is the cost of the software that you must need to compare with other data recovery software available online.

I tried Stellar Phoenix card recovery software when i need to recover 700GB data from my sand disk HDXC flash card . It worked well for me .

Few simple steps to recover data from Stellar Phoenix card recovery software

1.Take out the card from the device and check error on it.

2.If it has any problem in card then inserts this card in a card reader and attach with a computer.

3.Download Stellar Phoenix card recovery software from the link

4.Run the program and specify the path of drive on which card is mounted .

5.Scan all your files like audio, video, photos.

6.Select all your files by “select option” and recover it with the help of “recovery option” in this software.

Important: if your memory card is showing any type of error, never format the Memory card. If you reformat it no software can recover the data from it and you will loose your data forever.

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