Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to fix Flash Card errors

Flash card is a data storage device which is used to store digital information. It is non -volatile in nature and can be used with many electronic devices such as mobile phones, camera, mp3, players, video players, gaming consoles, etc.
While using your flash memory card you may get some error. Error messages are different to each other and depends up the type of logical error occurred in your flash card.

Few common error messages are:
Read error / Write error
Memory card error
No memory card
Card not initialized
Card error
The card cannot be used

To fix the above errors follow these steps:
Take out our memory card from your device and try to use it in another device after wiping it with soft cloth or cotton.
If are still getting same or some other error message then connect your memory card to your computer through card reader. If you can’t see your data stored in card, you need to check your cards for errors.
Use the disk repair tools for it that is in built function of operating system.
eg- Chkdsk utility in windows or Disk utility in Mac OS.

If above option doesn’t solve your issue, you need to format your card through your computer (don't format your card through your device) and need to take the help of some data recovery software to get your photos, video files and audio files. One such software is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software. It is true value for money product.

It doesn't matter what kind of memory card error you are facing, stellar data recovery software can recover your data safely.

Steps to use stellar card recovery software:
Download stellar card recovery software from the Internet.
Scan your card with recovery tools.
There is a wizard style interface to shows all recovery process.
Once it scans you can see preview of all scanned photos and multimedia file.
Now you can select files and press recovery button for recovery.
This software shows an idea to bring a new solution in this digital era.

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