Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Few Tips to Ward off Memory card Disasters

When the flash memory of camera becomes corrupt, its performance gets down. If your memory card is unreadable, it is almost impossible to access the clicked photos or recorded videos on it. Understanding of how memory cards become corrupt will help you somehow to save from memory card disasters.

Previous Researches have shown that in most of the cases the main reason behind the data corruption on memory card is due to our own mistakes.

Few tips to avoid data corruption on memory cards:

Low batteries of camera:
If your camera battery is too low and you still continue taking the pictures, memory card can become corrupt. It is also important to avoid bad batteries as if you are transferring pictures or videos from camera to your computer and your batteries die during that process, your flash memory card could show “error in reading” message.

Storage capacity issue:
Your memory card can show that you can store 500 images but it depends upon size and resolution of images. It has seen that the flash memory card with no space may overwrite its headers. It doesn't matter that your 100 MB memory card is full or 2TB memory card is full. So keep transferring the data from your flash memory card to some other storage device to keep your data safe.

Formatting of memory cards:
It is important that formatting of memory card should be done to the camera only not in computers to get optimum performance. If you are using your memory card from one camera to another, formatting of card should be done to the new camera.

By following the above you can ward off the big memory card disasters.

Even after trying your best to save your memory card from corrupting, you could not get success, don't worry. Now days it is still possible to get your data back from corrupted memory card.
Lots of data recovery software is available online. With the help of them you can recover data from any type of corrupted flash memory card.

If you are looking for a good data recovery software you can consider Stellar Phoenix card recovery software as the best. It is user friendly and can recover photos, videos and audio files of all extensions.

Steps to use Stellar Phoenix SD card Recovery software:

1. Download and install a Sd card recovery software.
2. Run the software and start scanning the affected media.
3. The software will find the deleted files and shows you a list of those file.
4. Select the files you want to recover from it.
5. Save it on some location other than affected drive.

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