Thursday, December 13, 2012

Benefits of Using Micro SD Card in Cell Phones

In this era of technology, you cannot guess the capacity of a data storage device with its size and the biggest examples of this is micros SD card. A micro SD card is a smallest type of memory card that uses Secure Digital standard for storing data. Most of the multi-featured cell phones and smart phones have slot for micro SD card to expand their storage space, maintain backup of their data, and for easy transferring of files. Let us discuss benefits of using micro SD card in cell phones:

  • For expanding the data storage capacity of your multi-featured phone: Most of the featured cell phones have digital cameras, MP3 players, video recorders, etc, but none of them have sufficient internal memory to hold all this stuff like photos, videos, etc within. However, they provide micro SD slot to expand their memory. By using a high capacity micro SD card in your phone, you can store large number of photos clicked, videos captured, music files to be played back, and many other kinds of media files.
  • For keeping the backup of your cell phone data: Having photos, videos, and other multi media files on the micro SD card, you always have a backup of your precious data that you have taken with your phone. For example if your cell phone experiences any level of corruption, damage or error, then your precious data files are safely stored at a location other than your phone. If still you loose photos from SD card lots of photo recovery tools are available.
  • For data transfer: Another prominent use of micro SD card is using it as data transfer device because a micro SD card is transportable between electronic devices. You can transfer data from your system to your phone by attaching the card with external card reader and vice versa.
  • Data uploading device: Many mobile phones support different types of videos and music files as well as feature to set a customize wall paper or screen saver. However, you have to purchase these contents from the Internet. But, having micro SD card on your phone, you can easily transfer all these stuffs from your PC to your phone and use them in your phone.

In this way above mentioned are the features of a micro SD card that make them a must to have device in cell phones.

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