Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Keep Your Memory Card Healthy

Many Photographers treat their DSLR camera as a baby. They give their cameras a pet name; this all actually not shows love towards their cameras instead towards the photography. If you are one of them then please take few precautions to keep your photos safe as you know that photos are saved on memory card used in cameras and they are very much prone to corrupt. As the memory card become corrupt, photos become inaccessible.
* Take the backup of precious photos on timely bases even you find there is space to save new photos, because it is no where written that memory card can corrupt only when it is full , it can corrupt any time.
* Keep your memory card dust free. Use it in your camera after cleaning it with soft cloth.
* Always connect your memory card to your computer with only branded memory card reader as some local rubbish card readers can damage the chip of memory card.
* It is good to format your card every time after transferring the data to your computer. First format it in computer then reformat it in your camera before use.
Even taking care all the stuffs to keep your card healthy, you become victim of data loss, only thing you can do to get them back is to take the help of photo recovery software.
Don't get confused with the name “photo recovery software”, it not only recovers photos from memory card but also the videos and audios of almost all the format even the unknown formats.
Before choosing a photo recovery software first check the reviews about it and choose according to the other user experience.
You can consider stellar photo recovery software for data recovery from camera. Lots of positive reviews are published about it by experts.
It is true photo audio and video recovery is easy with this software in simple three steps SCAN PREVIEW and RECOVER.

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