Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Card Lock Error” in Canon IXUS 960

Canon IXUS 960 is a 12 megapixels camera having 3.7x optical zoom lens. The other features of Canon IXUZ 960 are 3264x2448 pixels of Image Size, monitor of 2.5in P-Si TFT, 230000 pixels, supported storage device SD/SDHC/MMC, 32MB card supplied etc.

Although, Canon IXUS 960 uses SD/SDHC/MMC very reliable storage device, But on many occasion SD/SDHC/MMC also gets corrupted and the video and images stored in it becomes inaccessible.

Take a Scenario: You have come back from holiday with more than 1000 images and videos. When you connect memory card to computer in order to see the images and videos you encounter an error message:

“Card Locked”

In order to get rid of the error you insert the card again and again but get the same error message.


The memory card may have got corrupted due to interruption in Read/Write Process, virus infection or capturing the photos when the battery is too low.


When you get the above error message then first of all, stop using and overwriting with new data. Because overwriting of data will make you helpless to recover the videos and images. Look for a good Card Recovery Software which is user-friendly and compatible with any Operating System.

I have searched a very efficient Card Recovery Software the name is Stellar Card Recovery Software. It is powerful enough to recover images, audios and videos from any storage media. Supports both OS, windows and Mac. 

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