Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to resolve “Memory Card Error” in Panasonic fz35?

Panasonic fz35 is an advanced version of camera Panasonic fz28. It has all the features of Panasonic fz28, besides, some of added features are good for Camera Lover. Panasonic fz35 is a 12.1 mega pixel camera with in-built SD(Secured Digital) memory of 40MB. The camera has 3-hours of continuous recording capacity that makes it popular among camera users. Although, SD (Secure Digital) memory card is safe and secured to save Images and Videos, SD card also get corrupted due to Physical or Logical Error. In most cases, When SD card is corrupted then user sees a pop up message of error:

Memory Card Error”

The above error will pop up each time you try to see the Images and videos stored in SD card.

Formatting the Memory card resolves this error. Formatting will erase all the stored images and videos. If there is a backup of data, there is no need to worry. Just format memory card and store the backup copy. In case, you have not taken backup and the data stored in Memory card has major importance then you should download a reliable and powerful Image Recovery Software.

The above error message appeared due to some of the possible reasons:
  • Virus infection
  • Read/Write Error
  • Memory is full and continue to capture images and videos
  • Battery are too low and continue to capture images and videos
You need to follow these steps in order to overcome the above error:
1. Format the SD card in Camera itself. And Restore the updated backup copy.
  1. If there is no backup copy then opt for a good Image Recovery tool which will guide you step to step for the process of Recovery.
I searched on Internet a good Image Recovery Software named Stellar Phoenix Image Recovery Software. It recovers all file format from SD, SDHC and CF memory Card. It saves the recovered data user-specified location. It is not only compatible with Windows but also with Mac O/S. With the help of this Image Recovery software even a non computer professional can recover images and videos from any memory card.
You can download it by clicking on Download Now for accessing the trial version. Later if you intend to continue then buy it by clicking on Buy Now. This is wonderful software in the field of Data Recovery.

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