Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Recover images from Mamiya DM40

Mamiya DM40 is the fastest large-sensor DSLR Camera. Its features include 40 mega-pixels camera, capture rate of .8 seconds per frame and a sustained capture rate of 60 frames per minute, 3.5" (6 x 7cm) LCD Touch screen, supports CF Card (Portable Mode) and FireWire 800 (Tethered Mode).

Although, CF Card and FireWire 800 are well known and considered as a safe and secured medium to store a large number of images, they cannot be fully trusted. There can be some occasions which may make these memory cards corrupt and render data inaccessible. In such situations, you need a backup copy to recover lost digital images. In absence of clean backup, you should switch to efficient image recovery software


Consider a scenario: wherein, you are busy capturing the images of world famous Taj-Mahal with your Mamiya DM40 camera, too rapidly. But, when you try to see those photos, you may receive the following error message:
"Memory card error"
You are unable to see the images taken by you due to above error. Moreover, It also indicates that there is something wrong with the memory card of Mamiya DM40 Camera.
The above error arises when the memory card of a Camera gets corrupted. It may arise due to several interruptions in read/write process like clicking images rapidly, virus attack and clicking images on low batteries etc.
To overcome such situations, you can restore a backup copy. But, in absence of backup copy, You need to download an Image Recovery Software. Make sure, you select a read-only utility. It may require or may not require formatting of memory card.
I have personally experienced an Image Recovery Software that is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. It Scans and recovers lost images from a formatted memory card in an efficient manner.
It is a user-friendly image recovery software which recovers lost or deleted images, audios and videos from various digital camera brands. Available for both Windows and Mac.

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