Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recover Photos From Memory Cards

Photos are more expressive as compared to any other files. That is why photos stored in a memory card are so important. Well, they are once in a life time captures that store the memories of an occasion or a gathering whether it with relatives or friends. Photos should be always kept safely with you. But, what will you do in case you lose them and need to recover them from the memory card. 

Take your time and try out some options:

If you want to recover photos in your memory card then there are few things that you can try out. The first thing is try to search your drive for copies of the photos or check your recycle bin. If that doesn’t work then you can try another card reader if you are using your computer’s on board card reader. 

Nothing worked, now how to restore photos from memory card?

If the above mentioned options fail then you need to use the memory card recovery software to restore your lost photos. Hey, it might be your only option especially if the data in your memory card are lost, deleted or partially formatted. With the help of this software you can easily retrieve your lost data comprising of videos, photos or audios. This software is compatible with memory cards such as SD card, SDHC card, Mini SD card, MMC card, Memory Stick and many more. The Mac as well as Windows users can use this software to recover photos or other media files. 

The software comprises of three basic steps which are:

Step 1- Select - Open the Stellar Photo Recovery Software and scan the chosen memory card attached to your computer.

Step 2- Scan - Now click the scan button and as the scanning continues you can have the preview of the recoverable image, audio and video files.

Step 3- Store - Finally when the scanning gets completed select the multimedia files and click recover button to save the recovered memory card data to the desired location.

See how simple it can be to recover your lost precious data from your memory card. 

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