Monday, January 2, 2012

How To Recover Lost Photos & Music Files From Mobile Phones

Apart from digital cameras and iPods, mobile phones have become one of the common devices for capturing snapshots and storing large amount of music files. Many people prefer to have mobile phones with large storage capacity and high end camera. There are some circumstances when you are required to delete some files that can include audio or image files just to create some space for new data.

In order to create more space to save more files, sometimes you mistakenly delete some important files along with unwanted data and further, when you realize that you have lost some important files, you become worried about how to get those files back. But, no worries, as a results of continuous improvement in technology there are possibilities to recover your lost data from the memory card of your phone.

For recovering your lost data you have to go through various memory card recovery softwares available online and have to download the one which you find the most suitable. After doing this you can follow the below instructions to recover your lost music and image files:

1. You are required to attach the memory card of your phone to the built in memory card reader port of your computer. In case, if your computer doesn’t have any built in port then you can always acquire external card reader and can attach it to the computer using USB port so that you can access your memory card using this card reader.

2. Now, you have to run the installed memory card recovery software and choose the memory card as the drive from which data has to be recovered. Select the files you want to recover and click the start scan button. While the recovery is being done you can preview the files that are being recovered.

3. After the recovery process you can save the recovered files. Make sure to save recovered files on other storage drive of your choice and not on the drive from which the files have been recovered. But for saving the recovered files you are required the full version of software.

This software not only recovers music or image files but also recovers the video files as well. This recovery software can be used by Windows as well as by Mac users. So, it is easier to recover lost files using a professional software as it increases the opportunity to recover data without creating any chances of losing it completely. 

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