Monday, January 16, 2012

Recovering Lost Data From External HDD

With the ever changing technologies, the computer users witness various changes as far as the storage devices are concerned. Some years back, 40 GB hard disk seems to be quite spacious but with ever increasing demand of storage capabilities forced to invent some device with more mobility and storage capacity. For such purposes, external hard drives with huge storage capacity to store more and more data are available today.

The external hard drive is a peripheral that is connected to the computer via a high speed interface cable that allows to communicate with the computer enabling two way data transfer. Basically these are the plug-n-play based device. Well, HDDs are also prone to corruption due to various reasons such as virus infection, boot sector corruption, human errors etc.

Just imagine a situation where you have a 500 GB external HDD that you use to have backup of your data such as images, videos and audio files. You pass it your cousin to share some movies. When you connect the HDD to your computer after getting it back you are unable to open the files or folders as it is highly virus infected.

In such a case, you should use an antivirus to remove the bugs. It may be possible that after doing this you are still not able to access your data. The data apart from being huge is essential to you. So, now you have to rely on third party photo recovery software that is also known by the name of memory card recovery software. This software not only recovers data from memory cards but from other storage devices such as HDD, USB drives etc. 

This software can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems. For your utmost satisfaction, demo version of software is also available online that allows you to have preview of the recoverable files. After getting satisfied you can go for the full version and get back your lost data easily.

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